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Illustration: Die-Hard



-- The Last Peice I Did For Illustration Class, We Had To Design A movie Poster For Any Movie We Wanted, And Of Coarse I Chose The Greatest Action Movie Ever Created: Die Hard.

-- Actually, I Had 5 Possible Movie Choices: Step Brothers, Face/Off, Die Hard, Shoot 'Em Up, And The Dark Knight...I Chose Die Hard Because I've Been Watching The Whole Series At the Time Of The Class.

-- I Chose This Scene As The Mock Poster Because Its The Most Well Known Scene In The Movie, And I wanted A Cool Actiony Moment That Defines The Greatness Of The Movie.

-- My Other Possible Sketches Included Him Falling Out Of The Ventilation Ducts Shooting With Guns in Each Hand. But I Wanted A Challenge And That Damn Building Was A Hell Of A Challenge.

-- I Had To Redraw And Tweak The Drawing ALOT, The Building Was The Hardest, I Just Coiuldnt Get The Perspective Right, And Then Coloring It Was A Pain Because I Had To Make The Explosion Look Believable And Shine Off The Glass And Light Up The Sky

-- And Then Drawing Bruce Willis Was Hard Because I Had To Get The Face, Expression And Pose Right. Once I Got The Head Right I Tried Drawing The Body, Then The Body Didnt Look Right, So I Traced The Head On A New Peice Of Paper Then Tried Again, This Time I Drew The Body Really Well And It Looked Cool, But Then I Noticed I Messed Up On The Perspective Of The Legs So I Had To Redraw It AGAIN.

-- Mind You, I Drew Everything On its Own Seperate Paper, Scanned Them Seperately, Then Colored Them And Finally Put Them All Together On Photoshop.

-- Im Only Semi-Happy With How It Came Out, I Think I Could Have Done Better, I Didnt Have Time To add Everything I Wanted In, I Wanted To Draw An Exploding Hekecopter On The Upper Left, And I Wanted To Draw Hans Falling To His Death.

-- I Got An A For This, The Teacher Loved It, And He Was Impressed With How I Created It, He Was Amazed That I Color Everything On Photoshop Just By Mouse, Instead Of Using A Tablet Or Anything Else.

-- Im DEFINETLY Taking This Class Again, It Was Fun And I Learned Alot Of Things That I've Been Using In All My Projects Since Class Ended, And I Dedicated Myself To Illustration, Hooray!.

-- Enjoy!.
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Die Hard is the best. I loved this part, besides the part where he dropped the bomb down the elevator shaft and it exploded c: