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I do lots of different things depending on what mood I'm in. Check out my gallery; it's filled with pokémon, awesome scenery, knives, and maybe a combination of those!


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United Kingdom

Looking for 3D models? Check out…


I Am TheModerator


I'm not much of an artist.
I'm more of a computer programming, rocket sciencing, video producing, 3D Modelling, feral hunting, system hacking, mountain climbing, bow shooting, file decrypting, server hosting, generic all round badass.

I'm not without my faults; For starters, I am not an expert on dragon butts.
But the bio isn't a place to look modest, it's a place to impress. I hope I manage that.

"If you never look behind, you're missing half the story"
- Jon

That picture courtesy of Nevan12


Feel free to tag me, but be warned, I will not take you seriously and you will regret it
Just wanna talk? Add me on steam: rjsowden



Name: TheModerator
Age: 18
Sex: Huehuehuehue
Location: Britain
Website: Looking for 3D models? Check out…
Languages: English (Expert), German, French, Spanish (Novice)
Occupation: Design Engineer in Aerospace. Programmer. Sometimes even I don't know.
Relaxation: Not my style. If you don't move, you're dead. Perhaps not literally, but, dead in a metaphorical sense.
Attitude: Forced Extrovert
Qualifications: A few GCSEs. They're the qualifications that british people get when they're 16
Aspirations: To be the best. Like noone ever was
OS: Any redhat Linux distro, though Win7 when I have no other option
Strengths: Nothing gets to me
Weaknesses: Nothing gets to me
Likes: Blades, Bows and Binary Explosives. Also robots and messing with chemicals.
Dislikes: People by default. Human nature.
Favorite Artist: streetdragon95. Simply wonderful. The stuff he does with the stuff he's given is breathtaking
Favorite Setting: Can't decide. I like either places with lots of trees, or nice big industrial workshops.

Got something to ask me? Comments, notes, emails. No matter what it is, I'll always answer. Ignorance is a billion times worse than curiosity.

Interesting Facts

> A human can survive in space without protection for up to 2 minutes (though permanent damage occurs within the first second)
> The sharp/dial/hashtag symbol # is actually called an octothorpe
> And the pointy up arrow ^ is a sarcastiquote, used to denote sarcastic passages of text, or words to be read in a sarcastic mannor. It's ^Really^ useful.
> Humans actually use significantly more than 9% of their brainpower, unlike the urban myth suggests.
> You can crack any computer password by using your phone's microphone and some complex analysis to listen to the noise the CPU makes when it processes it.
> The cake is a lie
> In the UK, it is legal to carry a knife longer than 3 inches in public... If you have a reason to, such as if you are a butcher.
> It only takes a maximum of 3 inches to please any woman; they do not even care if it's Visa or Mastercard.
> The english word with the most definitions is 'set', and has over 24 different meanings (unlike 'fuck', which has less than 10 officially recognised ones).
> You can escape from zip tie handcuffs by using your knee and the levering affect of your arms, rapidly combined to produce a sheer force across the locking feature. This also works on duct tape.

Wait, you wanted interesting facts about ME!?!?
Well, it is my profile so that makes sense...
Okay, 20 little-known facts about TheModeraotr

> My favorite color is either Black or Light Blue.
> I am no longer the german average height for a male.
> I don't mind crowds, but if anyone touches me and I don't expect it, I habitually react violently. I once dislocated my friend's index finger because he patted me on the shoulder at a train station.
> ... I've got 110% vision, but one of my eyes is slightly lopsided. I haven't decided which one.
> I move about a lot. I'm never in the same bed for more than a month at a time
> Bed salespeople love me.
> I left school and started work at 16.
> I published one of my addresses on the internet for anyone to find, but people still ask me where I live.
> Sometimes, when it is cold outside, I like to breach out deeply and pretend I am a dragon
(getting desperate...)
> Some say, that I think entirely in an ancient version of binary. And that if I were confronted with a choice between three objects of similar color, my left ankle would rotate anticlockwise. All you know is, I'm called TheModerator. :iconstigplz: (Top gear fans will get that one)
> Whenever I do an endurance challenge, I carry a bag with 5kg of water and give some to those in need along the route.
> My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
> Contrary to popular belief, I was not raised by, nor have I ever even seen, a wolf.
> I once asked a secruity guard at an airport why he allowed people to fly with LiPo batteries in their laptops, when they could be exploded with enough force to damage the airframe, simply by shorting two terminals. He didn't know.
> People often confuse me for the real slim shady; this is due - in part - to my tenancy to stand up during particular music tracks.
> I can rap the entirity of Rap God by eminem at a vary high accuracy.
> I think that European keyboards are a genetic defect and should be treated as such: Nice and sympathetically, but also secretly wishing it would go away.
> When I'm offered 1 free sample of something, I take 2, because I'm a wild stallion that can not be tamed.

Lessons Learnt

Occasionally, something deep and profound happens to me that really does teach me how to do better in life. Something that proved a learning experience for me. And I feel it's only fair for me to make sure you can learn from it too, without making the same mistakes...

> That lady you think is pregnant is just fat. Don't make it awkward.
> Brush teeth first, then put on tie.
> The tie reflects the person. Clip on ties are stupid, and toothpaste stained ones are much worse.
> The only reason to point any weapon at someone is if you have the full intention to fire it.
> "It's not that much food" is almost certainly too much food.
> Keep your enemies close, so you can figure out what bugs them most.


You're a computer hacker!?
Ex-computer hacker. I stopped.
Why are you a design engineer at 18? Don't you need to go to unive-
Nope. So long as you're talented and make yourself known, you can get offered an apprenticeship. Some companies even pay to send you to uni, which is nice, because you don't get any student debt. I'd seriously recommend it to ANYONE. If you're interested in following that route, please, PM me with any questions you may have.
You hunt?
Yes, since I was 14. I use a recurve bow with a measly 64lb pull strength and some home-made arrows. My knife was an 18th birthday present and I've got about a 10x12 mile rectangle of land where I'm allowed.
I'm coming to England! Can we meet up?
Sure. I'm not really based in any particular part of the country, so just let me know whereabouts you're going and I'll see if I can make it.
What exactly is your job? It seems like a lot of things
It is. I'm technically a Component Definition Engineer, which basically encompasses most aspects of component/part/thing design, from the initial conception, to the 3D model, to drawing the technical drawing, to the actual part starting to be machined/made. I'm also responsible for automating parts of that process, plus I do other stuff on the side too.
Why do you sound different whenever you speak?
Haha. It's to do with where I've been and who I've been talking to. I have Queens English, Yorkshire, Jordie and German accents, but they only become pronounced after I've spent a few days in the location the accent is from. Paradoxically, it's only these accents: I'm very slow at picking up other ones.


I?????'??¯`v??"????e????~ ????????°n???^?????°??o????~????????¨"t?¯????????°???^ ¯?"?^????´?g????????¨??°??¨?"´?o^°??????t????¨ ?°??°~??`?~????^?e????°???"?v?????^????????????¯e°??`????????r?????y??`??°??t???¯???°?h?~???????????i^????°????????????n??`?~~?¯????~?g????????¯?"`??? ???????????°???´?s????????????~?o???°r?°?¨????¨?t?????¨???~????e???`d?~????????¨? ???????o?¨???¨?????u??`?????`??´??^??t??¨??????? ´?^???¯¯´????j????¨??????^u???????????s?¨????`????~??t?????´????¯ ´??¨?y?"?????e~?`??????´??t~????¯?????????."??"???¯¨~??^??¯"?° ¯??"??????????~???^B??¨??¯"?????¨?????~u¨¯???????`?¯??t?""??????????? ???~??°´?w???????????`????h?????"??e?????????????n???`???^?`????^?? ???????¯?????¨?¯?I?????"?????°??????? ?????????´????`?¨d??¯¯?o?´´???????¯¯`???¯,¯"???? ???°??????¯?^?p"????????r????e????`??????????p?`??a?????`??r???¯e??????``¯???¯ ?????y????????o?^?~?????`?^??`u??"??????"?r????????s?`??e????´????^?~???~???l°??????`f??¨´?.???????¯?????


Guess what!?!!? I don't do commissions.

(Just kidding. I'm checking some software which figures out if a user does c0mmissions or not.)
I kinda forgot about y'all.

Sorry about that >_<.

I guess I'll catch up on a few things and start throwing some more stuff out here soon
  • Listening to: Never
  • Reading: Gonna
  • Watching: Give
  • Playing: You
  • Eating: Up
  • Drinking: ...



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WindJammer6 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Anyways, do you know arceus-master? Another latios and latiad fanfiction writer? He has a deviantart account and i noticed he writes journals now and then to keep us updated on whats going on.....
I feel this is a great strategy and hope you should adopt it!!

Your biggest fan!
WindJammer6 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Could you write a journal based on your fanfic? Plssssss
You've not been updating for quite awhile and your readers are getting quite concerned about you
See you in 2017!!!!
WindJammer6 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Pls continue your fanfiction.....
Its terrible to see you suddenly stop
Even it appears that you only have a few reviewers, it dosent show that only a few people read your chapters and love it
Its very dishearting seeing you suddenly stop on your update of the day to day
So pls continue writing
I love your stories and i would enjoy it more if you actually finish it
BigClaudia Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey :D
Latias-Llusion Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You don't know how thankful I am for your tutorials~
I can finally port those uncomplete Models I had in the dust to SFM, your Armature and Rigs video helped me a lot.

Let me give you some love <3 (A friendly kind of love)
Also, thanks for allowing us to use the Pokémon Models you have on your website~
Nevan12 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yo! Mod are you alive?
It's been a while since I heard from you~

how have you been? c:
TheModerator Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016
Oh heya, indeed!
I am still alive, somehow yeah. Just not here too often (too many people asking for favors lol).

I've not been too bad, just HELLA busy with work and uni and the general panic of existence XD. How about yourself, you doing OK?
Nevan12 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's good to know. for a while I feared something happened to you. here, almos the same , college, work and existentialism, but in a general view, I'm doing alright~ 

is there anything I can do to help you with those "favors" man? o.o
Lilothestitch Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Student Artist
Hi. Do you have Discord?
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