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Sorry for the lack of content lately... most of my work is hobby stuff which is more design and web related, so posting screens of that stuff seems kinda boring in comparison to what I generally browse for on here. School has also been much more focused on my portfolio, career prep, and getting ready to head off to art school next fall, rather than content creation; so a lot of my freetime is spent doing things outside of art to wind down a bit and refocus for the next school project.

I do have a few things coming this way soon as I've been messing with photography using my dad's old Canon EF, am in a ceramics class, and am trying to start up my drawing habits again. I've also got a few side-projects that involved work from me... I'll link those at the bottom but one is a youtube show where I did the logo and do most of the production, another is a podcast for which I did the logo and handle audio production, and a more writing based project for GamesObscura. So I'm not just being a lazy asshole... a lot of my current content just doesn't fit the confines of dA.

As for some good news related to me: I've been accepted to every art school I applied to and have heard back about merit scholarships from SAIC and SCAD thus far, so the Fall of 2013 could be super exciting if finances work out for me (I'm gearing up to say hello to an amazing amount of debt, lol). I'm also getting an internship locally this spring, so it will be interesting to see how that works out and what effect it will have on my future plans. And of course I'm working on those things I listed above which I'll link now:

Playtalk Podcast:…

Thanks for dropping by even without new artwork lately. I'll get some shit done asap. Just hold me to it.
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I had a lot planned for this break, but it rained and was shitty all week, so I ended up just playing videogames and sleeping a lot more than usual. Not a bad way to spend a break from school and the constant barrage of creative projects, really.

However, I did mean to upload a bunch of things here.

The main problem I ran into is that a lot of the design projects I'm working on for class will become actual projects soon... so I'd rather share those with you when they become a reality instead of now, when they are still in the works.

So, this post is pretty pointless. Just like my break!
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So, it is the end of my semester. I've taken my finals and just have a couple paintings to finish by the end of the week and then I am officially on break. It won't be much of a break because I have plans to keep working on portfolio pieces and other side-projects that haven't gotten much time lately, but it will be a break nonetheless.

This post is more of an apology for the coming batches of stuff I throw into your feeds. I haven't been good about updating this as the semester goes on, partially because a lot of work gets hung up at school or turned in to profs, and part of it is my overall busyness and lazyness in the face of homework.

Thanks for stopping by and if you've got time, please check out my work and leave some constructive criticism if you have it. Most of what you will see in my portfolio is student work right now and I'm always looking to learn and improve from it.
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While sick last weekend, my computer also became ill. However, unlike me, it did not recover with time.

I don't think I lost a whole lot thanks to transferring things between the laptop, desktop, and school pretty often... but I know there is some stuff on there that is just gone forever and I'm having a hard time dealing with that. It's like waking up and just not remembering huge chunks of your life. It feels weird, like part of me died.

Maybe that's a sign that I need to rely less on technology.

Or maybe just that I need to back things up on a near-compulsive basis.

Either way, I lost some of the stuff I've been meaning to post here so I'll have to take new photos and re-edit them together to post. In terms of work I've done this semester, all I've really posted here is from 2D Design... but I'm also in Painting 1 (but I don't think you'll ever see those here bc I'm a newb, lol), Photoshop 2, and Digital Design: Print Media. So, eventually there will be a blast of updates here that are a bit more interesting to look at.

Until then, I'll be waiting by the door for my replacement hdd to get here.
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When I enrolled for the Fall 2011 semester, I was pretty excited. I'm in all art classes... painting 1, photoshop 2, 2d design, and print media... it was gonna be an awesome semester full of art nerdery. But then I realized that I'm also working 20 hrs a week and doing freelance web/print design gigs on top of that.

To recap that for you: I'm in 4 studio classes and am basically working two part time design gigs.

I'm a full-time student and full-time worker. FUUUUUU...

I say all that to say this: between all of those things, be prepared to get regularly flooded with different updates. And, as always, feel free to critique. If I didn't want actual feedback I wouldn't post these for you to flame.

Time to go be productive...
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I've been on summer break for about a month now, but the first several weeks of it were basically just a resting and relaxation period where I was letting my creative batteries rejuice while I hung out with friends, played a bunch of videogames, and got excited for my part-time job this summer. Now that I've gotten into a groove with my online class and work (and certain people are out of town for the summer), I've decided it's time to redirect some of my energies to drawing.

The current batch of stuff I uploaded is classwork from mid-semester, hence the linearty looking charcoal stuff. They were some of my first in-class attempts at using charcoal and I'm kinda fond of them for how basic and outline-ish they are. Thought some of you might appreciate a look at where I was starting and where I am heading now with the charcoal medium. My most current piece is a WIP so I stuck it in the Scrapbook section. That's where I'll be putting all my WIP's from now on (as well as on twitpic and facebook probably). I'm obsessed with seeing others progress on their artwork, so I figured others might be interested in mine as well.

Plans for the summer? Hopefully I can get a piece or two finished each week though. And of course I'm gonna play a ton of videogames on my three day weekends.

Oh, and I guess I'm supposed to move into my own apartment and out of the parents house (again) in July. That's a big deal right?
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I've been trying to be better about uploading stuff I'm doing in class and in my freetime, but I tend to work with graphite, and getting good photos of my work online is kinda rough bc graphite doesn't do well with lighting and pictures. Guess I should try working with charcoal on a more regular basis. Or invest in a scanner that doesn't completely suck.

Anyway, I just wanted to update this thing to say that I retook a lot of my photos from earlier this semester and updated those pieces with better quality versions of my work. Should be a little easier to see the details and shading since I took the time to photoshop them this time, instead of just posting as is.

I've also been working on some new stuff... not just from class, but from other artists on dA and from random inspirations in the real world. So there should be quite a few updates over my Spring Break (which I am on right now). Sorry if it kinda floods your feeds or whatever but thanks for any comments and critiques you have on them.

I'm off to get some gaming in now. Can't work all the time, ya know!
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The last real update I did on here was late last summer after moving home. After months of job searching to no avail, I pretty much gave up and decided to go back to school for a few reasons. First, it will be something to do, which will be a nice change. Also, I should be able to meet some people with similar interests in the KC area, which would also be a nice change. Second, I've been interested in art for a while, so getting some formal training will be cool. And lastly, if I take enough to boost the GPA high enough, I can consider grad school if I want.

All of those reasons sound better than moping around the house filling out application after application without hearing back from anyone.

My classload includes photoshop, illustrator, and drawing... so this is more or less a warning that new shit will be posted soon. I have some stuff I've doodled here and there, but they're more like scraps than anything finished. Maybe I'll post them once I'm back home though

That's all. I'm gonna go fall asleep to anime stuff I have no context for now.
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I moved home in early July and have been submitting applications for a few weeks now. Haven't heard back from anyone yet. Sure, I coulda submitted to a few more places, but I figured start at the places you prefer to work and go from there. Luckily, the family has been cool with me crashing here and mooching for a while. Then again, I did move back bc they wanted me to be closer to home... so that's kind of a given.

I've been trying to get back in the habit of drawing daily since the move, family vacations, reunions, etc have ended now and everyone is getting back to school/work. Hopefully you'll see more updates and possibly some one-off comics.

Speaking of that, I should probably draw rather than write in here forever. So I'm gonna go do that...
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Haven't had much time to do... well... anything. This month has been insane.

At work I've spent June training my full-time and part-time replacement at the hotel I helped open last summer. At home I've been packing... sorta. I move this weekend and tomorrow will basically be a "quick, throw shit in boxes" party. And once I'm moved I'll be starting the apartment and job hunts.

But yeah, with that and other life stuff going on I haven't had a ton of time for anything, hence no updates here since late May. But I'm not vanishing... once July hits I should be updating regularly (cause what else will I be doing on "vacation" anyway?).

Now you know. And knowing is like... part of the battle. Or at least that's what some 80's teevee show taught me. I think it was a cartoon. #shrugs
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As mentioned in previous journals here, I mainly use this as a way to follow and comment on friends and other cool peoples work... however, I'm hoping to change that by starting to upload sketches and hopefully doing some weekly videogame fanart.

I'm writing/working for Gamer Limit, a videogame site, these days and as part of that I'm hoping to get some people posting art there to make the userblog area a bit more diverse and interesting. So I'll be posting that stuff here as well since it should be fairly nifty. The first batch I'm doing is based off of images I have found online with some improv'd backgrounds, but the future stuff should be more original/unique.

I'm also updating my comic, Gleeful Nihilism, on a weekdaily basis again. 2009 was a sucky year for me and my family but 2010 is going better thus far and my productivity is getting to where it was before life went to hell last year.

And, being unhappy with my level of skill (I only started really drawing in 2008), I'll also be sharing some sketches now that they aren't complete shit. That, as well as other bloggings and stuff, will probably be posted on my blog as well. I know I know... I have too many sites...

Thanks for reading, checking out my stuff, and hopefully being cool and not jerkly. I'll try to return the favor as soon as possible. Promise. :)
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I don't really use this a ton, and never really have, but I like keeping the account open because, well, I like the people who I'm subscribed to and like to comment on their stuff when I like it. Anyway, I'm gonna start gearing up for conventions in 2010 so I'll start posting some of the prints and stuff on here so you can see them and whatever. And if you're wondering, I still do the following sites:

boozeathon4billion, which is a plot and character based comic focused around a small group of friends. Because of the time it takes to draw/write it, I'm currently just doing it on Mondays.

Gleeful Nihilism, which updates just about every day of the week and is often just random... is sometimes journalistic... but is always weird. At least that's what I'm told.

TheMizarkShow is my blog and I update it a few times a week when I have the time, and a few times a month if I don't have time. It's a good place to check for random sketches, blogs, and links to stuff I'm reading or currently into.
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Well... I've been doing two webcomics for a while now, and have really started to get into photography and actual sketches/drawing now as well. So, I am cleaning up this accounts old deviations, updating the info, and will be posting my "real" artwork and sketches here (as well as on my blog) as I do them.

If you want to see my more regular updates though, you can always check out my sites:

boozeathon4billion is a story/character based comic which updates Mon and Thurs. Gleeful Nihilism is more of a random, fucked up, usually single frame comic which updates every weekday. TheMizarkShow is my blog and vanity site where I host a bunch of different stuff and just kinda ramble. It updates whenever.

So... onto the cleaning and updating of new stuff. Boosh!
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