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Project 4.2: The Others


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Project 4.2: The Others


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Varied Male Pose Pack 8 - Anthro Legs - F2U

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Red Tide - Chapter Twelve

Twelfth Travels I wasn't exactly honest with Nurse Joy when I told her that I wouldn't be travelling that day. It all started after my talk with Morgan; he had a scheduled Gym Match with an in town trainer and given my previous experience with the battlers of Mauville (let's just say I 'put the fear of Lucy in them' yeah?) he asked me to take a walk so I wouldn't scare the trainer off. I rolled my eyes; now who was making me seem power hungry? At any rate, I decided to head around the city for that walk. My first intended place was the far eastern shore that split Route 118 into two sections; it was the place that I'd spent most of my time in


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-Master Chief-

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RO - Endlye

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys...

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