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Wheatley - Keep Calm

By TheMinttu
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Yeah, I


Photoshop CS4.

Portal 2 © Valve
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© 2011 - 2021 TheMinttu
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wtf is your avatar spazzing out about?
FruiteeMuffin's avatar
...And THAT is who my cat is named after. :p
KibaDarkFire7's avatar
This is one that actually makes sense. Good job~
Doctor-timelord's avatar
awesome! i love wheatley!
Abilene22's avatar
Haha! This would be awesome as a shirt! :D
Good work!
MorgenroteFuchs's avatar
XD And just forget you saw me.
Pixel-Program's avatar
Sotwt's avatar
venuslove's avatar
Could you upload this onto QWERTEE? You never know, it may get made into a shirt

Titanium-Zen's avatar
haha so awesome!
kimikana's avatar
This is so nice and clean. I absolutely love it.
Renos-Goggles's avatar
Haha I love this so much! This should totally be a print, I would hang this on my wall in a heartbeat!
FeatherNotes's avatar
i love you...r...your

hurrgh your art...*cough* your art.....
GoldenLiar's avatar
Why isn't this a print? D:
TheMinttu's avatar
Because it's copyrighted material.
ArtByDani's avatar
Love it, reminds me of Bioshock aswell...
hellequin666's avatar
Nice! good play on the poster :P
Marokintana's avatar
This is definitely the best fanart i've seen of Wheatley. It's just fantastic!

I'd be really interested to know how you made it, actually. Did you use vector shapes or just paint in all of the forms by hand?
TheMinttu's avatar
It's all painted.
Marokintana's avatar
Nice, that must have taken quite a while.
MrAnonymas's avatar
I like this 'propaganda'-like poster
eilid's avatar
Quite awesome *nods sagely*
Joshthulhu's avatar
This is fabulous. Gotta love propaganda, especially with robots... err... 'personality spheres'.
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