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The Ratway

The Ratway - the underbelly of Riften. with some... artistic freedom of course....

(I really REALLY enjoy everything about the Thieves guild even though I'm a battlemage and not really a thief dfkjsdf)

Photoshop CS4.

Skyrim © Bethesda
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Fantastic vision of the familiar place. Very well done.
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Looks like home to me. Nice work.
That is an amazing perspective!
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This is amazing!!
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Your version looks a lot more,authentic.I always thought the Ratway looked kind of empty,this is kind of what I had hoped it looked like,at least a basic outline of what I expected.
tankbutt's avatar
this kinda feels like the sewers in dishonored.(but still a awesome painting
FeatherHeartCrista's avatar
THIS is why I wished this world stayed in the dark ages/midevil/renasonse time ya'know *sigh* BUT I luvsh thish picture tho!
AsFlowingWater's avatar
Wow, I'm loving the lights and shadows in this one. You can almost feel the chill and hear the sound of the water. Well done!
The only thing I don't like about the Thieve's Guild is that I can't marry Brynjolf.
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I feel the same towards Vex
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Skyrim is one of my favorite games. I am a proud member of the thieve's guild in the game. Woooo Nightingales! haha. Awesome dude
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I love the hint of glow coming from the doorway...this is a really great painting...

Also, there is NOTHING wrong with being a mage-thief. *high five for mage-thieves!*
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This is soooo amazing. Like REALLY amazing o.o Wow, excellent wOrk!
AzureSol's avatar
've been playing Skyrim for 4 weeks now, and then remembered- YOU! XD I KNEW that you made something! Now, gotta browse the rest in your gallery. ;D
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Now I FINALLY understand what this is...
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I just did this quest, hahah :) PLEASE DON'T STOP THE SKYRIM ART!
CreepyFan0311's avatar
I love everything that is connected to Lady Nocturnal! =D
PhantomDragoness's avatar
My home away from home! XD
casadrat06's avatar
Thieeeeves Guiiiiild... come to the dark side. :D We have shinies!

Love this pic. ^^
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Oooooh, that looks just like the ratway! :D
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