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The Gray Quarter

The Gray Quarter in Windhelm

I need to practice backgrounds U _ U

Photoshop CS4.

Skyrim © Bethesda
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You've captured the scenery perfectly. love it!
LegendWriter's avatar
Strange how a slum used for dark elf segregation can look so peaceful.
BlackTurkey's avatar
I love the Gray Quarter! (I even married that Dark Elf who owned the pawn shop! Before I realized that was not the way to go...I really want to live there. >: )
Andropunk's avatar
I love these Skyrim scene paintings. they look great! :)
invidentus's avatar
Great, this work catches the spirit of the Gray Quarter even more than the "real" GQ itself. Kudos, your TES gallery is amazing!
Seeing this makes you want to kick on Ancester Gaurdian and give Ulfric a hug. Amazing work here.
HardockH's avatar
Ah reminds me of Christmas.. somehow
Hitoshu's avatar
It looks cozy, even though the Grey Quarters is a slum :/
Uikri's avatar
I was wondering why this looked so ungodly familiar in the thumbnail until I saw the title. Great work :icongreatjobplz:
Twilightsmist's avatar
I love the Gray Quarter! It's so cozy, small, and friendly!
massivelyattacked's avatar
This reminds me so much of a painting my grandmother had from Mallorca, Spain. The composition of the buildings...the cobblestones...the line of the walkways...brings me right back to seeing it! Well...aside from the snow... ;)
casadrat06's avatar
It does look just like it! I love the Gray Quarter. My Dunmer just beat that racist punk Rolff's (?) ass in a brawl defending it.
GatoIshwary's avatar
I can't find my way around that city...I really can't!! Too many alleys!!
HonestSapien's avatar
AuriV1's avatar
Excellent job in capturing the coldness of Windhelm.
shonni-etta's avatar
Love the lighting. :3 A Dunmer I roleplay as was born here. <3
Lovekka's avatar
I love this place very much!
ParanoidRaven's avatar
Am i the only one who thinks that Windhelm in general would make a great TF2 (perhaps medieval) map?
Absolute props to this piece, you really captured the colors and atmosphere of the Gray Quarter.
XenWorks's avatar
this is so right in colour and light
Kaytara's avatar
Dammit, how does one get so good at concept art? O_O
aberry89's avatar
Skyrim makes artist practice we need another reason why this game is awesome?

This looks sooo amazing, the light and texture is so amazing
noxfoxArts's avatar
You are so awesome! Damn the mood is just perfect, I love this piece! I envy your skills with colors...^^
whiteknight2009's avatar
I Love this place just cause of the fact that I win A punching battle with the racist Nords :iconimthinkingplz:
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