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The Eldergleam Sanctuary

I didn't announce it here, but thanks to everyone who kept me company in the livestream :)


Watch a progress gif here!

Photoshop CS4.

Skyrim © Bethesda
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Oh, so many feels <'3
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Oh, this brings back memories... My husband, Vorstag, proposed to me here.  Heart
Great work, by the way.  :)
EightMinutesTillDark's avatar
Could you do the Forgotten Vale? I'll give you points!
Nice! I wish there was a place on earth like the eldergleam sanctuary!
InvaderMouse's avatar
i just stumbled in here today! one of my favorite parts of skyrim, because its just so pretty!
SolarLugia's avatar
Love the contrasing colours here!
JelenaEllethil's avatar
It's one of the most beautiful spots in Skyrim. I often return there. As beautiful as the actual place in game. :)
TheAveragePerson's avatar
I can't believe I missed this picture the first time because it is amazing. Well done.
TempestasVentus's avatar
this is wonderful. very good job. :D
boguslav4's avatar
Truely a master work of art. :clap:
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<3 love it. its gorgeous!
nikkipleasant's avatar
I forgot where was this?
AgeOfRogues's avatar
This is one of my favorite places in Skyrim ^_^
Eldergleam sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places in Skyrim....every one of your paints of TES is amazing
Xx-Whindlem-xX's avatar
I remember that the guardians you have to fight after cutting the tree was hard so i snuck away without having to fight one lol.
Twilightsmist's avatar
My companion got in the way and I ended up killing her
Xx-Whindlem-xX's avatar
Twilightsmist's avatar
Then I got gold since she died in her will thingy.. I killed a lot more friends after that
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Todella hieno kuva! Rakastan etenkin käyttämiäsi värejä.
massivelyattacked's avatar
Dare I say, this is even more beautiful than in the game...
Tarisian-Ale's avatar
This was the moment when I realized that Skyrim was something special. I remember gasping and saying "Oh wow!" Getting here was such a pain, because there was a dragon that was chasing me, and I was still fairly low level at the time I was doing the quest. I was expecting an unpleasant dungeon, and I came here!

Truly a beautiful place. I need to go there again.
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