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TF - There was a spider

but it's gone now.

Photoshop CS4.

Transformers © Hasbro

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You know, I am kinda curious to see what this version of Starscream would look like in the style of Shattered Glass.

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I'm probably the only one that like DoritoScreamer
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Face it, Starscream was a complete joke in those movies. Michael Bay fragged it right up. At least in g1 he was somewhat threatening, and in animated it was shown just how resourceful he could be, and in Prime he was the sexiest thing I had ever laid my eyes on, if only he would have accomplished something other than scrapping Cliffjumper and trying to kill Arcee.
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How can anyone take a Con seriously if they look like a freaking Dorito?! XD
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If you look at an F-22 from above, it also looks like a Dorito.
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Now I want some. Lol
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starscream, the decepticon Dorito transformers fans!!!:) (Smile)  
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Ladies and Gentlemen,behold
The Dorito-con
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It's a giant Dorito chip X)
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Wow that's cool!!! :)
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This title.... oh man this title.

Think this might be my new wallpaper <3
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Dooorrriiitttooooo~. XD
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some spider that must have been... xD
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Yikes, how big was that spider?
I love the triangle so.
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Bayverse Starscream looks like Nachos With limbs...
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Bayverse Starscream is pretty devious. ^^
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Lol I can imagine seeing what happened after starscream saw that spider. A lt of screaming and jumping, shooting the whole city down. Funny but chaotic great job
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This encapsulates Movie Starscream well. He really shined as a character in Reign of Starscream and Alliance
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Dorito vs Spider. WHO WILL WIN?
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The name of this just cracks me up.
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every time i see sentinal prime i do the same thing to my living room, lol but... honestly im more for gen. 1 then michael bay but i enjoy tfa immensly! :squee:
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giant dorito of doom indeed
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