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Skooma den

A skooma den in Morrowind

Photoshop CS5

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My Dovahkiin would rip them apart then drink their blood as she robs the bodies and what ever gold and valuables they have stashed. Then bring their bodies back to life to serve her as minions
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Smoke weed... er I mean Skooma Everyday!
SHAKALone's avatar
I just find the book "confessions of a dunmer addict to skooma" in skyrim... :D
yorukami's avatar
So relaxed. Ah.
WeirdAniki's avatar
So happy to see another finnish person who love Morrowind ;A; Good job!
AnnaBelov's avatar
It looks really powerful! Amazing atmosphere! Here the sense of style, a fantastic technique )
Also, there is a certain mystique and mystery )
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That one Khajiit is going to be the only lucid one in that whole place within an hour.
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Love it! The atmosphere.... 
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I'm speechless.
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:iconsnoopdoggplz::iconsaysplz:Smoke Skooma Everyday!
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this is fucking awesome
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You have a breathtaking style
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Wow amazing artwork! Very nice <3
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1. Skooma pipes are the best decoration item
2. That's some fine piece of elf in foreground
3. Nice piece of Khajiit too
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Kaikki työsi ovat aivan käsittämättömän hienoja :) Tässä pidän erityisesti valaistuksesta. Hienoa työtä.
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love the atmosphere & composition in this pic!! really beautiful, awesome work :'+)
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Expression on Khajiit is marvelous! Good job!;)
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