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Painting more Morrowind things while waiting for Skyrim.


Photoshop CS4.

Morrowind © Bethesda
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© 2011 - 2021 TheMinttu
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The colors and the style in this picture are genius. Glad to see Morrowind content!
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Absolutely incredible dude
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Shame that Skyrim had the depth, storytelling, and immersion of a bucket. :P

You should watch "TUN: The Elder Scrolls VI - Youtubia" by MrBtongue, and
"The Elder Scrolls : The Dumbing Down" by samyoulonline (on YouTube). You'd QUITE agree with their points! :D
TheMinttu's avatar
Oh yes I saw the latter and it pretty much perfectly summarized my feelings on the series. :\
SGT-Conley's avatar
I do so very much hope a new hardcore TES game is produced.

I'm to tired of the dramatic crap currently being universally produced! :(

I fear that we will be forced to make our own game, but by then it will be to late! :D
DagothEthan's avatar
i love the look and the angle.
Steelmensch's avatar
Alr ruhn! Its beautiful, makes me miss morrowind :Dgreat job
Humanatis's avatar
Morrowind was my introduction to Elder Scrolls so this is immediately one of my favorite pics on DA ever! Amazing work :).
Owari999's avatar
One of morrowind's greatest strengths is that all three houses are AWESOME.
Lesliewifeofbath's avatar
Kinda has a Stars Wars feel to it.
matthew1010ify's avatar
I love Redoran so much. One of my favourite locations in Morrowind.
CaribouJack's avatar
I meant bone...
CaribouJack's avatar
Brilliant! I can feel the heat and smell the chitin...
LightningDan's avatar
This instantly made me homesick for Ald'ruhn. I guess I know what I'm re-installing tonight...
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13thprotector's avatar
I'm apart of Great House Redoran, so this is a familiar sight.
ItalianEmpress1985's avatar
Those giant land-crab houses were, by far, some of the coolest architecture I saw in Morrowind.
RenfrewNahash's avatar
"I'd like to buy a ticket to Vvardenfell, please!" :D
Amazing and very immersive. And showing off the exoticy of Morrowind's cultures ;)
Szwedameister's avatar
this makes me wish they remade morrowind with the skyrim engine.
UnderHandClash's avatar
I gotta admit, that woulld be pretty awesome :)
Talong222's avatar
The style of Morrowind was un-comparable to any other kind of game I have seen
casadrat06's avatar
Pretty! ^^ I miss Ald'Ruhn and Morrowind locations. Especially because I love my Julan mod and I don't go anywhere without him. <3 Dunmer BFFs, derp! :D
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