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Pyromania: Movie poster

I love old movie posters, so this is only logical. cheesy catchlines and obnoxious typefaces!

Photoshop CS4
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This fits so well! Nice job c:
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This is awesome, I recently set up a website called 'Poster Spy' which is a social network/portfolio solution for poster artists and I'd love it if you could share your work with the other artists. 

Sign up here!
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I love old movie posters! You defintely nailed the look!
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I thought this might have been an actual movie...:T
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now i would pay money to watch this!!!!
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no one was spared. they were all cooked medium rare.
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This seems incredibly fitting.
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Ffftttt love it <3
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I love old movie posters too! :D With this style it just looks badass.
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this is gorgeous! im down to purchase a print <3
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This is beautiful. You are beautiful for making this beauty.
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You better start selling prints of this because I want to buy one and put it on my wall.
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I just might, after the convention I'm attending in September. I'll be selling prints of this over there :0
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Cool! Save me one, I'm definitely buying it.
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I love reading the comments your art gets.
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Yeah it's a...blast.....
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I wish I could favorite comments.
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