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July 20, 2010
Pharma C by *TheMinttu Suggester says: "The piece has a sad feel to it and with wonderful lighting that only adds to that feeling. With a well thought out back story that image shows really well. I really feel this should get attention, when I first saw it I was awe."
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Pharma C

This is C, an outdated, decommissioned military bot who was reassigned to work in civil duty. Now he works in a pharmacy's back room, categorizing drugs and delivering them to the customers at the front desk. Stripped from most of his armor and his own internal power source which was reused in his replacement unit in the military, he must constantly remain hooked to an electrical outlet in order to keep functioning. Therefore he is unable to leave the back room, but can move about via the railings installed in the ceiling. Because the military cannot afford to keep the old models up to date, he will remain in the job until he breaks down.

My dad who works in engineering said that if I drew him a pharmacy robot, he'd buy me the boots I've so badly wanted. I might just have the awesomest dad on Earth.

Photoshop CS4.
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I have featured this art on my blog! Let me know if this is any problem and I can take it off! :)
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I used to work in a pharmacy. I was a counter assistant. It was the most boring, repetitive and pointless job I ever had on the planet. I AM that robot!

When I saw this I instantly fell in love with it. I especially love the angle of it. It would not look out of place next to my collection of Fall Out 3 concept art. x
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I just thought I'd pay a visit to the gallery of my "first" watcher on DA, and just as I was browsing through I stopped at this picture thinking: "Wow, this should have been a DD!", only to scroll down and realize that it really was a DD. Haha! :lol:

Awesome picture, goosebumps, bravo! :)
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Pure perfection.
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Awesome, what I felt when I saw this was already written by the DD description, so oh well, great work!
winddragon24's avatar
Cool robot!!! I love the story you add for him.
love how you make him appear dark and mysterious
Tv-dinner's avatar
I love how you've managed to sum up a whole little story in a single image. It's like full-blown world building, but constricted to a single room.
Pretty inspiring.
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Please tell me you got the boots.
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Very nice rendering. Well done on the POV and interaction between the viewer and the robot. It really does give a sense of pity and situational revulsion at the same time. Again, very nicely done.
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Wow, I love this one. Awesome work.
Eli-the-snowdog's avatar
This kinda reminds me of Invader Zim where gir goes crazy in the library
Nickienogger's avatar
as someone said before the perspective made this piece stand out!

As a medically related profession I loveee this painting!
timohuovinen's avatar
Love the concept and the design, true sci-fi from a true sci-fi lover!
Abstractality's avatar
That Is really cool.
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absoulty amazing and i love the back story too
FerrariBoy9100's avatar
This guy reminds me of something out of Metroid Prime 3.
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This is a really cool idea,
I was just wondering, how do you paint this, is it a bunch of small adjustments to form, or is each stroke large and covers large area? It looks almost minimalist in style, but there's so much detail at the same time,

TheMinttu's avatar
I prefer large, expressive brush strokes.
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So what does your dad do? There are alot of degrees of engineering.
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