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Morrowind abode

One of my favorite things in Morrowind was to commandeer a house somewhere and fill it with books and junk :’)

do not repost on tumblr………

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This is so cool! And very lore friendly, could totally see that kind of house in game; I absolutely love the lighting in this, too! Great job!

Very nice! I love the cozy setting!
This looks very cozy :3
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Wonderfully comfortable and true to lore.
One of my favorite things too. Books, dishes, clothes, etc. I liked the house my Dunmer warrior had as a member of House Redoran most of all. This place looks as very cosy house.
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Love the environment!
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I think about this drawing all the time
ihan paras, pidän kaikista sun kuvista :)
(mäkin hamstraan kirjoja morrowindissa)
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I would live there if I could. So cozy.
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I feel so "homesick"! Morrowind is my absolutely favorite game (because it was my first RPG ^^). And now you're one of my favorites morrowind artist :happybounce: 
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aw so cosy, love the style you have :D I also loved to do that, (though mostly in oblivion and skyrim) found a few things here, stole some stuff there and then I dropped it off at my house hehe
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thanks : D oblivion's and skyrim's physics kinda ruined the hoarding thing tbh. I couldn't make my home all nice anymore cause if you touched something, everything not bolted down went flying, so after morrowind I didn't really feel like doing it anymore. it's a Special Morrowind Thing for me lol
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hehe yes that's true, I remember finding things I left at the front door at the back of the house sometimes! So most of my stuff was kept in containers, but I still had fun collecting stuff, maybe they will fix it if they make another game hehe  :D
What style of drawing/art would you call this. It's very charming and I love it. The home looks so cozy and comfortable and the dunmer looks amazing
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How very personal and cozy. I love little snug places that characters live. :)
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There was one cave outside Caldera (By the ebony mines?) that I always took over and stashed my daedric, glass, and artifact items. I miss my lair
I remember that cave, I usually collected all items from that place in the beginning to get money for training. I prefered the cave outside Pelagiad for my base.
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One of my favourite things too! When i had no place left on the shelves i placed books on the floor. Meow :3 I collected every single book I saw.  And candles too! Nod  
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This fills me with grand nostalgia :D (Big Grin) 
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