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So I felt like making a lazy painting of a mid-transformation Farkas. Such a darling little puppy rawr :3c

Photoshop CS4.
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Lazy? Looks like a lot of effort was put into this.
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Ihanaa!!! 😍😍😍
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OMG this is amazing!!
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That looks badass as hell!
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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When I first saw this dude I was like " He is one ugly sucker " and then when I made my wood elf character I was like " OMG I need marry him! " Seriously, he's perfect for my wood elf, she's just as much of a badass as he is XD.
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If this is a lazy painting, then I am most likely going to die from the AWESOMENESS of when you actually put work into it!!!
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Fierce, realistic, great pose... I love this piece sir. And your whole gallery.
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Awesome picture. I'm almost scared. I would be, very much so, if I didn't know that Farkas is such a sweet guy, although not so much right now....
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Well, mark me down as scared AND horny
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This is one of my favorite renderings of Farkas Ever. I have it as my phone screen saver (I hope that is ok with you) And whenever anyone asks where it is from, I give them the link to your deviantart. I'm Actually in the middle of writing a Skyrim fanfiction, and this drawing inspired a very dramatic scene that ended up being one of the biggest pivotal moments in the whole story. I just wanted you to know how much I love this and how amazing I think your skills as an artist are. Much love, Dearie.

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-peeks out of her box- Fanfiction chu say? owo
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wow I'm flattered! thank you!
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Someone is trying to claim this as their own by posting it on their Deviantart.…
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Omg I love Farkas! And I love this!
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omG this is so wonderful and so badass! awesome times a million
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This picture is outstanding!
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This is absolutely fantastic!
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This is beautiful! Amazing work in here, I love it! *-*
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OI! My husband!!!!

great work by the way, I love the face to bits!!!
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Very beautiful and so realistic! I love him! Clap Love 
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