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Fallout 3: A Bright Future

By TheMinttu
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1: damn rite pops, lol

2: im destined for graet things lol

3: gtfo jerk

4: out of the way, leaving nao


6: ...


GRAWRRRRR :chainsaw:


Didn't get much that further this time before it crashed. FUCK. That was fun while it lasted. FO3 crashed a lot before, but now it did it for the last time. It died and won't get up. Patching won't help, nor does reinstalling or updating drivers. As far as I understand, I'm not the only with crashing problems.

I am FRUSTRATED. This deviation is only for expressing my FRUSTRATION.

Already in advance I apologize to *Ayleid for punching her Butch darling and making him look like crap. :|


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Reason To Not Play On PC.

(Xbox 360, The Non-Ironsight Game Is Fully Offline)
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At least your save files didn't corrupt like mine did.
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Top kek, you can easily fix the crashing by changing two lines in fallout.ini
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I know this a PC error, but this was literally my freakin play through on PS3. I can't wait to get a computer.
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I know the pain also fall out 4 November 10, 2015 spread the word
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So truel,I wish that I could favorite it twice!
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OMG I know how you feel
Did you try modifying the ini file?
After that I never crash (except when screwing with the console) so now I got tale of two wastelands
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This happened to many times while playing on my sister's PC. U_U
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XD I love this. Started laughing right away once I reached the third panel, thought it was going down a different path but the one it ended up taking was just as funny.
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this is exactly what happened to me...
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You're destined to great things. Now would you please reboot your game.
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LOLOL that sucks bro

I believe that crashing is just a computer's way of saying, "xD Hey. Suck a dick!"
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have fallout 3 and new vegas new vegas kinda crashed a lil but xbox360 is still worth it
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Ouch, this problem plagued me for a while, and it took me no less than, what, two solid effing hours of lurking on various boards and forums before I found solutions... And I didn't know which of them would work so I just used ALL OF THEM. And somehow, that actually worked instead of making it even worse (dafuq?). Now Fallout3 can go for hours before it crashes, and it often doesn crash even then.

Weird stuff.
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OMFG!!! i hate that stupid "stop working" note. i have fallout 3 on my xbox but i see that note when i play sims sometimes. >:(
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I don't see too bright a future for Microsoft Windows!!!
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It does that for me if I have the resolution past a certain point, so I have to set it so it only covers most of the screen. If you haven't tried that, it's worth a shot I guess.
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Reminds me of the time I played Fallout 3. Except I went from Panel 1 to Panel 9.
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It has happened to me and about a dozen mates
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im SORRY i would cry if that happened to me. :iconcryforeverplz:
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I love Butchie... but I still punch him in the face at the beginning :3
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