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Ebonheart Pact

By TheMinttu
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My entry for the ESO poster challenge...

edit: third place holy shit nuggets

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Awesome work dude.
Blood for the Pact!
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Argonians for the win
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Look at this, put on Malukah's Three Hearts As One in the background at the same time... and who would ever join the other two alliances? ;)
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Oh hell yes! And the fact is that this alliance is formed off of from complete separate cultures and people, makes this alliance the most interesting. At least in my opion.   :)
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other than the abyssal plot holes, it still only has one redeeming factor: dunmer
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Simply fantastic work, really fantastic work, it is a pleasure to see.
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Congratulations! :hug:
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Ebonheart for the win.
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Lovely illustration. Dunmer's face type remind of Tenzin, avatar Aang's son…
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He is actually my character, Vadril U_U…
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Excuse me, didnt know.
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Three voices as one shouted, "BLOOD FOR THE PACT!" - Malukah, Three Hearts as One
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The factions in ESO are actually rather interesting. Heck, the races that compose the Ebonheart Pact would rather not have anything to do with each other, but the races of the Daggerfall Covenant seem to get along just fine. 
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The Ebonheart pact wasn't formed like: "Hey! I like you! Let's form a group!"
It was formed because the Dunmer, Argonians and Nords were attacked by Akaviri, and they needed work together to beat a stronger and larger enemie...
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I was aware of that when I made my original post. Any other time in history, and they'd be tearing each others' throats out. 
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Ebonheart pact, also known as ridiculous pact of groups that heve nothing in common except the things that make them mortal enemies. Why, whyyyy.
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Because it wasn't formed like "Hey! I like you, let's form a group!"
It was created because three different people with their different form of living were threatened by a larger and stronger enemie, you stupid.
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 i am looking for someone to create an illustration of my ESO character .

Are you interested???
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Please don't suck.
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I don't want it to either, but it looks like it will.
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