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While I'm waiting for AC2, Prototype is filling in. I got this game in mail just in time for Christmas. :heart:

Okay, Alex saw you, start running :iconteheplz:

Photoshop CS4.
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Imagine a prototype MMO
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soooooooooooo cooooooool
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*claps slowly and dramaticly* Good job!X3
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epic :D i love the colors they are so great
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wish there was Prototype 3 C=
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Pretty sweet. Have you seen his nose in prototype 2? It's pretty big. I mean it's not HUGE but it's kinda on the larger side. Definitely bigger than in Prototype because of how they made his new character model.
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I actually think it's because of the way they shadowed it. But then again, you know what they say about guys with big noses...
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No, I do NOT know what they say about guys with big noses.
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How old are you? I don't want to sully the mind of the young.
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Nah, it's alright. I uhh... I don't care anymore...
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Well, they say guys with a) big feet, b) big noses, or c) big hands, have big dicks.
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Yeah I was uh... ya know, google. Yup.
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WELLL, UMMM... yeah I've got nothing.
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Starting running?, more like shoot yourself in the head. :lol:
Kickass colors!
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Alex Mercer owns almost anyone from:
-Justice League

As long as he consumes Batman, even Superman is screwed.
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that's so awesomely done it's SEXY!!!
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This is amazing artwork, I love the design his claws are amazing. Keep up the great artwork!
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kick ass art! really like the light
I love this game. nice touch on the helicopter reflection
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amazing...damn.. fav+

good thing that people can get this game for only 20 bucks (new) in te us
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didn't he ingest some highly volatile dieseas or something that turned him into a freaky appearance stealing villan?
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Reminds me of Kafka's The Metamorphosis.
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I love the perspective that you used!!! Do you mind if I draw a pic kinda copying it?
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I'm not really comfortable with people tracing/referencing from my work, sorry.
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