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to Protagonist?
To Protagonist?
     I'll let you know...
For a while
in the bygones and (Hi...gone)s of this world
I shall twirl.
For it is of no concern to me, but to earn
and discern a singular point and this...all this -> stuff.
Things, things, and more things.
To swim and wallow in legos and pancakes,
if that be my goal, i will accompliSHHH.
Can this be evil as you speak?
Evil pancakes will erupt laughter...
though the pursuit doth seem delightful.
And the nuances of people and their so-called faith?
I can't be bothered.
I am the all-singing, all-dancing money whore.
"Playmeasong" they shout...and I do.
To scrape off the surface of this Earth and dig no deeper.
But alas,
here I am...accumulated.
I have Solomon's hoard and I am broken.
Disheveled and miserable I shall walk to my grave
with nothing in hand but my four fingers and thumb.
In all my productivity, as it were, I have produced nothing.
Time will simply tick away as it did before.
To Protagonist?
Eternality, faith
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 1 3
100th Story Drop-Off
I'm writing a letter and sending it off to you.
I hope you'll forgive me for what I have done.
I'm only human.
I make mistakes.
Difference between me
          and a lot of others is that
        ~~>I can admit them.
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 3
That black coat
That black coat
Buttons all around, inside and out.
That black coat
sits on the shoulders of an angel - [you]
with Pools of radiant brown for eyes
and a crown of golden strands.
You stand above the rest.
I'm captivated by your presence -
I don't know why I can't speak,
but the words just seem trapped in my throat.
Forcing them out causes stumbling (forgive me).
It can't be helped - your beauty and all.
And what would you be without it?
Everything, still.  For you are amazing at the core,
And then some.
Sometimes I can't comprehend the magnitude of your beauty.
Surely my Master spent more of His time molding you how He sees fit.
Always - I think you're the most (pretty) of them all.
And yet I can't speak.
I can't bring myself to bring up a small topic.
Over the weather I trip and fall.
Your beauty.
I know you'd listen and hold up the conversation
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 12
A bonafide work of intricate art,
This lady doth hold the key to mine heart.
Forever it's locked, waiting in dark
For fair a maiden as her to rend it apart.
Lord grant me the patience and diligence to
Remain steadfast in all that I do unto You.
And let it be known, it's the righteous man who
Gain all in the Lord, and what his heart holdeth true.
Bless me, O Lord, as I walk with you now.
God, make me righteous. Please, show me how.
In the end I shall know of wisdom and love
And all that you give us from Heaven above.
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 5
Save Me
If I could meet You walking along,
I'd stretch out my hands and touch you, O God.
'Cause here I am, crawling, on my hands and knees.
I need You to save me, please!
So here I am, thinking it through...
And I know, you're here with me, too...
Unable to take this, this pain that I feel,
I lay it before You.
My knees are kneeled.
Hear me.
Heal me.
Save me,
Almighty God.
I'm a man who needs you
To the bottom of my soul.
A man who needs Jesus,
To make me whole.
I cry to You, Gracious God!
Take me in Your arms!
Take me in Your arms!
God I need you!
In this time of trial
God I need you!
To get through the fire!
And when I am weary and broken in two,
Hear me, O God, when I call to you.
It's Your love, that sees me through.
I just can't do this without you!
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 5
This has nothing to do with you.
Except everything that it has to do with you.
My soul felt the shuffling of your feet,
And that place seemed a little less dark.
In fact, the shell encasing that place
Became vastly brighter as well.
Words passed,
And time after time,
I found myself
In awe of your [positive] space.
The space I would grow to cherish
As it took away (the negative beside me).
Even at (f i f t y) feet,
You have this tendency
To desaturate the world around you.
Black/on/white, white\on\black...
And there, to contrast it completely:
Your soft skin and [ANGEL]ic golden hair.
a fort(K)night passed.
and we danced.
the desire came over me
to press my l(I)ps against your(S).
to follow through would have been fatal.
in more way(S) than one.
[elements of the unforgettable]
The only reason I walked away,
Was to keep from darkening
My own home's doorstep past one o'clock
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 7
Channel one - complacent bruises.
Channel two - invisible slashes (for nights
                                   on end)
Channel thr33 - hidden cuts and scrapes
                  (my fault)
Channel four - no more...
Turn up the volume sweetheart
You can hear my knees hit the floor.
But it's ok, it's ok, it's ok.
These final bruises hurt so good
as I bury my face in my evil hands.
With my hands I've torn my soul to    p i e c es.
With these hands, I've carved into this spirit
                   words that provoke vomit.
No one would understand if I tried.
But He does.
King of Kings, knight m
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 4
Early Morning Tears
Eyes open, reason unlear.
Then, you're in my head.
That smile.
That glow.
The air of God around you.
I wonder if you're awake...
Talking, talking, talking...
Subject: Marriage
Excitement in our hearts.
How wonderful to know
Someone else is just as stoked
About God's plan for marriage.
That connection.
And that essay
Regarding "God's Plan For Your Mate."
Oh, God, I'm so alone!
How utterly lonely am I!
Oh, Lord, be my comfort,
My Shelter.
And He was there!
His hands were upon my back
In my time of hurt and regret
God held me like a child.
His child.
And you were there, as well.
You listened.
You understood.
You cried for me.
Words don't cover how much that meant.
Your prayers felt and understanding appreciated.
And by 6:30,
We were both changed.
Because we were in the presence
Of the Father.
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 1
And Then There Were None
A sudden conclusion of those seventeen months
Left me shattered and broken.
To find her 28 days later with another companion.
Sometimes God lets us feel the burn.
I thought everyone was there to support me,
To hold me up
In my time of need.
And then, there were none.
Vanished without a trace.
Stabbed in the chest
By her vicious attempts to poison my life.
Revenge was so sweet for her,
That Lady of Vengeance.
And watching over me as I wept uncontrollably...
God, The Father.
Watching me was all He did.
He let me break
And burn
And wither away
Until all I could do was cry out
For His hand of forgiveness.
And as I stared at the remains of what used to be my life,
My failing suport,
My illusion of comfort,
He called out to me
And showed me the love that will never be matched.
A small child was I cradled in His arms.
Forgiveness is vermilion
And only comes from the Father.
"And when there are none,
Remember my son,
I am here."
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 1 2
As she laid her head upon the soft, down pillow, a single tear streamed down her lonely, red cheek.  her face felt relief from the hest of her body as it came to rest atop the comforting cushion of baby duck feathers.  But, at the thought of the duck feathers, she began to cry once more, just as she had been for the past four hours.  The duck feathers gave physical comfort to her, but also reminded her of the most terrifying and terrible event that had ever occurred in her life.  The scenes of that fateful morning leaped back into her mind and forced her to remember so vividly those moments, she would swear that she were reliving them.
     The sun beat down on the playground on that near-perfect July day, giving the children a somewhat warm place to manifest their fantasies of dragons, knights, and sorcerers of long ago.  The large model of a serpent on the right of the court served as a formidable dragon (even
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 0
Love is a deep scarlet unmatched by
    any other hue.
Peaceful birds singing in the broad
    morning light are love's voice.
Like a perfectly ripe granny-smith apple,
    love is sweet and sour simultaneously.
Love wafts through the air with the
    sweet, suculent smell of silky chocolate.
Like a fresh rainbow, love is there
    after a depressing shower, soothing one's soul.
Love is unlike any other, butterflies of
    excitement and heart all aflutter.
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 0
Concerning Your Exit
Curiosity and fear engulf me
As I watch you walk out of my life,
Even if the time of your absence
Is stunning in it's brevity.
At present, I'm doing my best
to spread the slowly arriving misery as best I can
Across my prayers and self-prescribed events.
Being somewhere with my companions makes me forget
How much I long to be your hero,
Your confidante,
Your partner with whom to worship.
The following three months will be riddled with mental torment.
A man's mind can only handle so much,
But a man's mind plugged into God
May do anything it so chooses.
And I choose to wait everything out.
For you.
For the possibility that I might give you a kiss someday.
That sweet gesture of love.
So, concerning your exit,
I will miss you very much.
Probably more than I could say.
God will mix the liquid of your life
As you reside in Tulsa
And He shall create many a wonderful relationship for you.
So, concerning your exit,
I salute you as you walk
Onto a new battlefield of spirituality.
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 1 3
Desolation Playground
Remember the days
when we ran and we played?
Those days are now gone.
And all that's left now is this
Desolation Playground.
Monkey bars and astral cars
Are now left to this ruin,
This abandon.
And now, in place of the excitement...
A desolation playground.
Do you feel the burn, too?
The sting and the bite of longing
To run and jump and conquer empires.
These fancies are no more...
Only this Desolation Playground.
The plays put to rest.
The fun laid to die.
And now, in our rigidity, we've slain...
Our inner children.
View the [waste]land...
A desolation playground.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered...
To remember the departed.
As azure skies and yellow sunsets sing
To bless ground, we gaze one final time
On our innocent childhood;
This desolation playground.
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 1 4
Said The Shotgun ToThe Student
With the step, step, step
Of my Samba-clad feet,
     My eyes catch the light of the day.
Through the door
     And into the world,
Caress of the sun strikes my face.
Wading through the morning air
     A walk, walk, walk
And a time to pray
     Before the halls envelope me...
Desks and chains are one here
With notes to scrawl
And a teacher's drawl.
     The click, click, click
   of the pen/pencil...
[insert silence]
Open doorway and
     One, two, three...
Sounds of death penetrate my skull.
Why today?  Why today?
tile floors and echo halls
REFLECT the bang, bang, bang
     of a gun.
Said the shotgun to the student,
     "lovely day today, isn't it?"
With no remorse, this renegade
cuts their lifelines
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 2
Thoughts In Four Stanzas
I. Simple Thoughts
I am.
I will be.
I could be.
I would be.
II. A Complete Thought
My being's magnitude is miniscule to the fact that the omnipresent and omniscient and omnipotent creator of the entire universe is standing right next to me in my time of confusion and confliction and ambivalence about the entire situation that completely and utterly surrounds me.
I feel so small.
III. Thoughts In General
Come on.  You can't be serious.
Get outta here!
Well, ok, just kidding.
But, tell me that I'm not dreaming.
Or wishing.
Or projecting, even.
If I'm not projecting,
Or wishing or dreaming,
Then maybe I'm right.
But that doesn't matter, anyway.
I'm focused, Lord.
Focused on You etirely.
And you...
Know I care.  Know.
However, I will not move on my God.
But I still pray
That He will move on His will only.
With expectancy, too.
Not with greed, but pure openness.
If what my optical nerves are receiving is true,
I can't even describe how joy
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 0
Waiting On Nothing
There's the TV
And the couch
And us, waiting on nothing.
"Us" doesn't really exist,
But I'd give anything to make it.
Even though you didn't let yourself,
You could've cried in front of me.
The pain, the hurt.
I felt it that night, next to you.
Absorbing your expression.
(the kind that puppies wear when they miss mother)
I wanted so much to stop the past,
But it's not mine.
It's God's.
(the way everything is God's)
And then it was over.
(because I could help)
2:45 drive home.
No one picked up.
(they must've been asleep)
But I got in anyway.
I trodded upstairs...and I cried.
Not wept, but cried.
I want(ed) so bad to have someone.
Someone that could be my other half.
(the way lovebugs are)
But I found God.
He makes me whole enough.
So the TV, (His)
So the couch, (His)
So us, (His)
I'm not counting on anything.
Just praying.
His timing: Perfect.
(always is)
:iconthemindstorm:themindstorm 0 2


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