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June 20, 2021
INSPIRATION: An All-Consuming Creature by themindisright
Suggested by BeckyKidus
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INSPIRATION: An All-Consuming Creature

INSPIRATION: An All-Consuming Creature

38cm X 36.5cm X44.7cm

Wood, Steel, Polymer Clay, Acrylic, Oil, Glass, Wire, Vintage Continental Typewriter

I like to think about Authors like H.P. Lovecraft, sitting in front of his Typewriter, being struck by Inspiration and being Consumed by it. Inspiration can be seen as An All-Consuming Monster or Creature.

a Vintage Continental Typewriter with a Tentacle emerging from the Keys. The Typewriter is in the process of changing into a Squid or Lovecraftian Creature. Its Suckers consists of the Typewriter’s keys with a Giant Eye and Manus also Emerging/Morphing from the Typewriter.

Artist-Franscois Potgieter

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TimMcJimFromPL's avatar

Awesome. This is great metafore of Lovecroft wrighting proces. And Vernes too.

Aurynanya's avatar

This is amazing and inspiring. Congrats. <3

submicron's avatar

Astonishing realization. The craftsmanship is superb BTW. A pleasure to see work such as this properly acknowledge. Kudos my friend.

segura2112's avatar

Amazing work! Thank You and congrats on the DD.

quandry247's avatar

Uk'otoa? Where is capital "I"?

quandry247's avatar
NotWithoutHonor's avatar

This is utterly amazing.

Malintra-Shadowmoon's avatar

Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

NobbyCo's avatar

WOW!!! Fantastic work!!! :)

LindArtz's avatar

This fantastic work is already in my favs! :clap: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only

Love, love, love this sculpture!

PhantomParticle's avatar

wow like from the movie naked lunch

Iden0's avatar
Very "Naked Lunch" by David Cronenberg Vibe...
themindisright's avatar

Thank You! I love that movie!

Iden0's avatar
You're welcome... the movie and the image give me the same feeling of creepy realism... ;)
OcioProduction's avatar

This is an absolutely amazing freaking piece of creativity!!!

themindisright's avatar
OcioProduction's avatar

my great pleasure :)

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