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The contest is going on, and the entries keep coming and the holiday is getting closer and closer! Have you already prepared your costume and carving set? And have you prepared some awesome halloween art? ;) 

THE HALLOWEEN CONTEST - is the event i hold for all to have the proper mood for the coming holiday. The contest is devoted to the halloween celebration, so this is not about plain "gothy-darky-pics". Let it be full of pumpkins, bats, witches, black cats, potions and signs of THE CELEBRATION. 'Dia de los muertos' variant is also acceptable :) 

Come on, join the artistic halloween party and win some treats ;)  
Tell your friends to join the contest, or just to support you! 

The prizes are:
1st place 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange  One month dA subscription or 400 dA points (the winner choses)
Pawprint Bullet: Orange  Exclusive stock pack by REQUEST - you choose the topic
Pawprint Bullet: Orange  An Interview with the winner and a showcase of his best works on dA 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange  A feature with some parts of your interview with links to your gallery on my web-portfolio pages
Pawprint Bullet: Orange A publication in a magazine (if wanted by the winner)

2d place
Pawprint Bullet: Orange 50 dA points
Pawprint Bullet: Orange A feature in my journal 

3d place
Pawprint Bullet: Orange 25 dA points
Pawprint Bullet: Orange A feature in my journal 

Pawprint Bullet: Orange Pawprint Bullet: Orange [more prizes to come] Pawprint Bullet: Orange Pawprint Bullet: Orange
i am working on some more interesting stuff for the winners, but it is not time yet to announce that grin wink 

All works from the contest will be featured in a journal entry and a special folder. 
 If you would love to support the idea by donating more prizes (stock, dedications, icons or stamps, or ANYTHING you can think of) - please drop me a note! I would be grateful! :) Still keep in mind that it is just a fun contest, not a massive competition (which is also coming soon) - so we mostly give small pleasant prizes, not some O.M.G. stuff yet ;)  

So what are the rules? 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange Keep it to the topic - Helloween. This is not just another 'gothic' contest. Here we have a holiday, so we need pumpkins, potions, witches, costumes, masquerade, autumn, bats and all like that.
Pawprint Bullet: Orange Using my model stock is required. 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange No guts-gore-hardcore, its a holiday, not a horror. You may add some bloody stuff if you want, but you must know where it is okay, and where it becames TOO much.  
Pawprint Bullet: Orange You may use any other stock pictures for backgrounds, details. You may use any filters, actions, brushes, change any colors, shapes do all that stuff that would fit your art, and make it even more awesome! 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange Digital and traditional drawings and paintings are also appreciated - just using my stock as reference. Your drawings can be anything from semi-realism to anime, and from impressionism to abstraction, from cartoon to whatever your imagination takes you grin wink
Pawprint Bullet: Orange If you're able to make a retouch which would be awesome enough to compete with photomanipulations - go ahead. Absolutely NO LIMITS on the type of art. 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange No entry limits. Its a competition of artworks, so if you're goings to do 3-5 artworks in totally different styles - why not? 
Pawprint Bullet: Orange In artists comments you should state that this artwork is a participant of my contest with a link to this journal!
Pawprint Bullet: Orange For this contest i have prepared a special stock pack, but you may use other my stock pictures as well. The main thing is to keep up to the topic.

Contest started Sep.26 and goes on till Monday 23.10.13. Then we hold a poll to find out the winner. The result is announced on Saturday, 28.10.13. 

How is the winner chosen?
Pawprint Bullet: Orange I create a poll where people vote for their favourite work.
Pawprint Bullet: Orange I give 10 votes to my own favourite
Pawprint Bullet: Orange We sum up the results and see the winners 

Halloween Contest - The Witch by GiuseppeGamberaPh  Bella Muerta by Fotomonta  Happy Halloween Wishes 2013 by amethystmoonsong
Bella Muerta by amethystmoonsong  La Bella Muerte by RoOnyM <da:thumb id="407954984"/>  HIER KOMMT ALICE! Halloween New CONTEST by DiabloV

Pick your favourite and be ready to vote for it! grin wink

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