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My buddy Lys recently posted a sketch comic of her day; hour-by-hour. I thought some people here would appreciate that sort of glimpse into my main workplace and what comes out of the costume shop. This was a costume made for a student my sister teaches in a nearby studio, to the theme form "Paquita". I also dyed her toe shoes to match. It is a $210 costume.
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Fantastically beautiful:D (Big Grin) 
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Nice tutorial! :D
I'm nominating this for best deviation title! XD
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oh thank you soooooooooo much! I was looking for a tut like this for big puffy tutus not one that weigh down so much..
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wow thats great!
nice tute!
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Wow! That's gorgeous!
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Ooooh, this makes me miss being a ballerina! :( This came out lovely <3
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Thank you! It did end well, but we had so many fitting mishaps on the way that we were lucky it turned out :)
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i love the sleeves, and i found the tip about E6000 and cancer to be a good to know fact
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Thank you! Yes, E6000 is dangerous, but used correctly it shouldn't really give you any serious problems. I mean, I've been using it for years, and I...hackhack....and I'm just...cough...just fine.
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This looks super awesome.

The tutu is nice too.
No srsly the red BG is classy. And the series of pictures is nice. If you had the chance, I'd say do a series of these kinds of pieces.
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If I can. It's kind of a hostile environment for photos, as photo-taking is misconstrued as wasting time!
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Blurgedy blurg o_o
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Wow, that is so awesome. I love the design you did. Great color scheme and details. Your editing, fixing and alterning commentary was encouraging. I'm trying to make a coat pattern from scratch so it's nice to know that even someone as skilled as you has to do alternations every so often.
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That's why I put it up, to show how often mistakes are made and how (even if you think it fits!) fittings are so important.

I hope you have a base jacket pattern to draft from :)
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...nope. :liquisoft: Yeah, I'll have to weaken and get one, but first I must be stubborn and fight myself.
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Ah, step 67. Know it well.
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Mr. Bill OOOOOHNOOOOO!! :la:
It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your seamstress tips. :D
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We keep things around that make us laugh. Otherwise, I think we would go crazy :)
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very nice tutorial! :) If i ever want to make princess tutu, i know what to do now. XD
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I don't know how practical this was on any sort of teaching level, lol. More than anything it was an excuse to complain!
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