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Psypher How-To

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It seems like these days I'm only submitting art when someone puts me up to it. Like this, for example.

I started this tutorial when I couldn't find one in existence about how to make psyphers for a cosplay of Velvet Valentine from the game Odin Sphere. I took a whole bunch of pictures, started it, and promptly ran out of time. I got a message from a fellow cosplayer and I looked back at this file to see how close it was to being finished. And it was pretty darn close anyway, so why not?

I know parts of this tutorial are very minimally instructive, but I hope it gives people at least a good base.

Character names, designs, and weapons (C) Altus Games
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for a second i thought the plant in the bg was part of the costume
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Hello there, great tutorial! i've been scrounging around the internet and unfortunately have not found any tips or tutorials on creating Gwendolyn's Psypher spear, any advice? o:
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do i have to use plungers? my mom is going to kill me >3<
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haha, I found the mini-plungers are the best to use. You can pick'em up at the hardware store for around 4 or $5 each :)
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We gotta fix these one of these days.