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Stars 2 by THEmightyMAZ Stars 2 :iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 1 65
I'm dancing around artillery shells
I'm dancing around artillery shells
Metal and mud fly all around,
Not like the movies, but like war,
There are only warriors here,
I'm all in shiny colors and
Where my slippers touch the grass,
Everything is golden.
I stand on my very tip-toes
Leap forward, always forward
Behind me chains slip closer.
I'm so high and mighty
You can't touch me up here
My chest swells, bursting from my skin,
I become light with dancing feet
I glow brightly; they catch me, snakes in the grass.
I trip up and the colors drip from my mouth
From the cuts in my skin as the chains creep up my body.
they break my legs no more walks force themselves inside me no more
babies have to adopt they rip me apart grab onto my lungs wrap
around my chest and pull tighter tighter no more breasts
not important slip around my arms hold me love me
break my fingers shards of bird bone no more art no
more stories pull me down into water too deep
lukewarm can't feel can't move eyes sting
can't sleep too tired don't eat starve
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 0 9
Upon her rock she sits in wait,
Her hungry brood growling about her
Around her swarm, like flies to fire,
The finned followers of her fiendish path
In the still sea behind her, as pools of obsidian ink
Appear the hundred heads of her daughters
Like spun gold her locks fall down her shoulders,
Massed and knotted with seaweed
Eyes like orange fire watch, half-lidded,
As the waves crash before her
Flashing from beneath her lips
Glimmer the razors of the final slice
Round her neck are bones of fish and sharks,
The centerpiece a human tooth,
Rotten and blackened
Held behind her bronzed skin are
Long sabers of green stone,
Connected with tendon and flesh to her glory
Upon her scaly hips circle droves of
Pearls of obscene beauty
A thousand emeralds glitter beneath
The surface of the water,
Her ghostly jade of her fin slides back and forth
Upon the rocks fall the cloth of virginal white,
Broken splinters wash up on her throne
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 1 8
Foxy by THEmightyMAZ Foxy :iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 0 269
They had done it.
The sun came in hot through the dust in the window. The bed was hot and sticky, the stuffy blanket of heat settling over Andy and his best friend. He pulled his arms up and tucked them behind his head, then put them back down, huddling them around his bare chest. Hannah didn't move.
Hair plastered to his forehead and stinging sweat in his eyes, Andy sat up. He looked around at the room. It had been familiar last night. His black hair clouded thickly into his eyes. The small room smelled like salt and muddled beige, choking up in Andy's throat.
He didn't want to wake Hannah, but her small body lay between him and the door. He looked down at her torn back, the deep scratches in her skin beginning to scab already. Her soft pink back didn't sweat at all, small goose bumps appearing next to the raised black and red gashes between her shoulder blades.
He couldn't remember everything from last night, but the sand from a beach or an ashtray was itching its way under his skin.
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 0 75
In the Other
Wish in one hand
Piss in the other
Or take the other
And wrap it around
What you know should be there
(Even though it's not.)
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 0 10
Seven Lovers of the Vampire - 1501 - Elianatta
I met my first wife just before my rebirth. She was an angelic creature. Exquisite in her fine dresses and jewelry. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I swore to myself that she was an angel. She definitely could have been with her temperament and glow. She had hair so blonde it was almost white and eyes like the glaciers that rolled across the northlands. She was thin, ethereally so, as though her form was still being pulled together from the air. That first day she was dressed in a white dress with a hint of silver on the finest lace and around her neck was a pendant that I keep with me to this day. It was my brother-in-law who had given her the ruby as big as deer's heart as an engagement present. Elianatta was my sister.
I had not known this when she became my lover. She had lived far away from us in Italy until it became useful for my father that she would be married with to a family friend in Ireland. He told no one that she was his child, not even Elianatta. Sh
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 1 0
Seven Lovers of the Vampire
I only ever set out to kill women. The most beautiful girls from every town. They were mine and mine alone. I would spend months courting them, at least for the first hundred years when women still needed courting. Seems ridiculous now, to think of all that time I wasted on sport. How much I could have saved if I had just taken them into my home, my den, my lair. Just taken them in the night and had my way with them. That is what I do now. Women make sense in this day and age. They will do anything for you now.
I killed the women because I loathed the men to such an extent that to deprive them of the beauty of these creatures, to make them mine and mine alone in the final throws of their lives… What man could claim better than I the number of women they have had? I was the king of this earth in the night. I would watch them and find them, track them down like rare birds or precious does.
I do not shy from the fact that I kill them. At least, not now. In the act it was a sort of tu
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 2 5
Necklace for gift by THEmightyMAZ Necklace for gift :iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 0 5 Happy Mega Late Valentine! by THEmightyMAZ Happy Mega Late Valentine! :iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 4 9
Straight Girls
Don't push me
Don't pull me
I might knock you out
Before the day's done
You'll figure it out
It's hot in these halls
As I hit the walls
I wonder what your girlfriend thinks
If she had any sense she'd be thinking how
She regrets saying yes to you so much now
She'd think of the friends you made her last year
The ones who can't keep in
What they did last night
And how she fits in
Don't push me
Don't pull me
I might knock you out
I feel like picking a fight right now
I feel like winning a fight right now
Don't push me
Don't pull me
What would you say
If I asked your girlfriend out today?
And next week when I see you again
Maybe by then you'll have a new "friend"
And maybe she'll say yes to you too
And the next week she'll be gone, boo-hoo
You see me in the halls week after week
And one day you notice who's kissing my cheek
And then your friends can't keep it in
About what they saw
And how you fit in.
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 1 5
Contest Entry Gloriana by THEmightyMAZ Contest Entry Gloriana :iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 4 6
What is it
What is it to be man?
What is it to be human?
What is it to feel pain?
What is it to suffer again?
What is it to love so sadistically?
What is it to hate with such compassion?
What is it to touch your child?
What is it to hold your partner?
What is it to be woman?
What is it to be human?
What is it to feel release?
What is it to be pleased?
What is it to be shattered?
What is it to be built?
What is it to give life?
What is it to bring death?
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 0 9
19 Years Today
I am sorry Ray.
I am sorry that my body doesn't suit you.
I am sorry that there is no treatment for this disease we share.
I am sorry that only one other person knows you are there.
I am sorry that you can never meet the people you love.
I am sorry that our parents don't know about their son.
I am sorry that our brother can't have the role model he requires.
I am sorry that you've never had a girlfriend.
I am sorry that you've never had a boyfriend.
I am sorry that you are still a virgin.
I am sorry that I can never hold your hand.
I am sorry that you are my dirty little secret.
I am sorry that you've never spoken to anyone but me.
I am sorry that I can't pass as male.
I am sorry that I can never let you out.
I am sorry that I am me and not you.
But I promise to buy you clothes.
I promise to let you see the world
I promise you will never be without me.
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 1 234
Crushed in the heart and mind
Were you even thinking that night?
I can't leave those memories behind
This wasn't supposed to happen
This wasn't the plan of mine
As we sat together on the bed in my room
We were brothers in bond for life
And we wrestled every night
Underneath you my breath was high
The scent, the smell, that drug of mine
As your eyes looked at me from up in the sky
Heavens light was in your sight
Hell's fire in my mind
The way your hands closed around my arms
The way knee touched my thigh
The way you looked in my eyes
I fought with half my heart and hips
As your lowered your head to mine
I shall never forget the feeling of your lips
Or the feeling of your hands on my face
I will treasure the feeling of your bare chest against me
As I go to sleep each night
The way we lay together in the twilight
Two boys who came naked as men
When you showed up to my we
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 3 5
Possible entry, no. 3
I saw the world end
When I looked into your eyes
The color blue of purity
A little stab in the night
My hopes and dreams were broken
Like the bottle in your hand
And I wept with all my soul to you
Like only a child can.
:iconthemightymaz:THEmightyMAZ 1 186


Rex and Blue by jollyjack Rex and Blue :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,402 362 More After Hours sketches by humon More After Hours sketches :iconhumon:humon 1,560 50 Chalk sculpting : 3 by Mattermorfer Chalk sculpting : 3 :iconmattermorfer:Mattermorfer 3,320 783 Micro Crochet Belle by honouraryweasley Micro Crochet Belle :iconhonouraryweasley:honouraryweasley 1,110 167 Chibi Eeveelution Amigurumi by LeFay00 Chibi Eeveelution Amigurumi :iconlefay00:LeFay00 4,579 497 I Wanna Be a Starship Ranger! by MilesofCrochet I Wanna Be a Starship Ranger! :iconmilesofcrochet:MilesofCrochet 52 22 Peacock Feathers Ear Cuff by ShirNek0 Peacock Feathers Ear Cuff :iconshirnek0:ShirNek0 79 12 Derpy Subasaurus by gylkille Derpy Subasaurus :icongylkille:gylkille 885 80 Tentacle Scarf - Custom - 49ers by Arexandria Tentacle Scarf - Custom - 49ers :iconarexandria:Arexandria 132 11 The Octopus Tree by oodreysmart The Octopus Tree :iconoodreysmart:oodreysmart 307 34 Loth Big Problem by humon Loth Big Problem :iconhumon:humon 5,081 552 White tiger by tati000 White tiger :icontati000:tati000 44 22 New Year Tiger Kitty-gurumi by MoonYen New Year Tiger Kitty-gurumi :iconmoonyen:MoonYen 200 28 Tiger Amigurumi by cuteamigurumi Tiger Amigurumi :iconcuteamigurumi:cuteamigurumi 470 85 Dark Waters by Maylar Dark Waters :iconmaylar:Maylar 153 24 Eye To Eye by wisely-chosen Eye To Eye :iconwisely-chosen:wisely-chosen 269 32


From Zilenna

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 8:44 PM
You and I wake up in a police car together. Using Four words only, what would you say to me? Note: if you comment,you must copy and paste this to your journal so I can comment on your post as well.

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