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Superboy Wallpaper
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This was drawn by please checkout her page, she's awesome!
I simply made it into a wallpaper. So give her the credit! Thnx!
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Woah, I literally love this :)
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That is one seriously bad ass outfit
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Totally awesome
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I didn't draw this, just made a wallpaper out of it. If I ever find out who did, I'll post their link
on here. But I don't think I found the pic on deviant art.
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I'd really appreciate it if you gave me credit. Thanks.
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This belongs to me. See my deviantart for it.
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great drawing! i envy your superior skills.
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this is my absolute favorite depiction of superboy!
MAN this is SUPER :)
Thats really good. Captures the image of a young Kon-El, Superboy in my head perfectly :)
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Just... incredible!
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i'm on a dc kick at the moment. nice
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LMAO. I thought that joke was funny.

I love the pic. The costume looks amazing.

And personally i'm glad he don't have laser vision have you seen him in YJ?
His facial expressions alone could kill you.
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Superboy doesn't have supervision... that's why he was originally depicted with a visor...
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Looks like heat vision to me.
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yeah, duh. he has no parents, of course he's unsupervised!!!
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