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This is a tutorial I created that gives a basic overview on how to lettering a comic book page. I've had quite a few questions on lettering lately, so I figured I would just write down how I work.

Please visit www.balloontales.com for the most comprehensive collection of lettering advice online. You should definately read the entire site if you want to letter. Also, www.digitalwebbing.com/forums is a forum where some great letterers hang out, and they are always willing to share advice. These are the two sites I used when first starting out, and continue to use.

I would like for this tutorial to be a work in progress, so please leave comments, suggests, and further questions!

To check out the actual page featured in this tutorial, go to Black Rose #2, page 15.
Be sure to check out , who did the lineart featured in this tutorial.

I do mostly writing and lettering, so if you need someone or want to toss around ideas, please drop me a note! I'd love to see more comics action happening around Deviantart, even beyond just posting stuff!
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Emerson-Fialho|Professional Artist
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martinfoxcomics|Professional Traditional Artist
i like this!!
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CartoonGurra|Professional Digital Artist
Nice tutorial. It's going to come in handy thanks! :)
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Lettering as a profession?
I hadn't known that.
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NimeshMorarji|Professional Digital Artist
errrr.... were can i read the tutorial?
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Rhandi-Mask|Professional Digital Artist
Download the image.
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NimeshMorarji|Professional Digital Artist
ah! silly me... thanks
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Thank you for your tutorials and guides. I am going to delve into the world of comic book lettering, so I appreciate the time taken to make guides and tutorials. Thanks!
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Ok, this is amazing- just sayin' :)
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Shadowkilla1111|Student Digital Artist
How am i supposed to view the tutorial?
I'm too dumb, plus im new to deviant art
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Ninten64Fan|Hobbyist Artist
You click download image in the left side :P
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roelworks|Professional Digital Artist
love it... nuff said
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dullpanic|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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techtoth|Professional Traditional Artist
Very useful, many thanks!
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Thanks for the tips!
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Thanks for the tutorial!
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cesca-specs|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really useful! Thanks!
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great tutorial thanks for making it!
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thanks man, this helps out!
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thank you! This is a big help, especially on the bezier curves.
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i didnt know how to do that thanks check out my deviations look up abornazyne
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lilmie|Student Digital Artist
veary helpfull thanks
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Yack-M|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the tutorial
I know its going to be really useful :D
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IamHollingsworth|Professional Digital Artist
great tutorial!
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