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Terry Bogard - Fatal Cutie

The Terry hype is marvelous isn't it? According to the story EVERY single character becomes a cute girl in that dimension. Which other character would you like to see added in the rooster?

You can also picture this image with some of Terry
's actual lines in other games:

"Show me your stuff, Andy."
"You sure can move your pole. But to think you could beat me?"
"Now you know my power. Next time, prepare yourself!"
"Guess you weren't hungry enough! Too much time spent educating your boys, maybe?"

NSFW version will be added later in the month on Patreon. 

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The perpetrators are Demetri Maximov and Bowser

This's version of Terry are way cuter.LOL!!
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Okay!  Point made.  Horny! 
antcow's avatar
This already existed on DA! XD
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It's more like it's a dimension control by Kukri/Sendel Dark and he can make the girls wear cute or sexy outfits. 

And change men into women, if Terry becoming a Fatal Cutie is his doing. 

Anyway, awesome drawing! I'm loving all the girl Terry fanart. 
Valsalia's avatar
"I am however deciding to totally nail this MegaMilk pose WOOOO"
unit1138's avatar
If not then why are you shoving them in my face? crazymikuplz 
BuckTheBadger's avatar
Terry: I'm emphasizing them
fatguy88's avatar
ok if you don't like it I will terry it off your body and you can be naked
coomanfu's avatar
Shidyk's avatar
Ether101's avatar
You say that and yet your giving us quite the view there.

Anyways, I'm not to connected to KoF so I'd have to say I'd like to either see her brother Andy be added in or Iori given that he was in the SNK Heroines predecessor, Girl Fighter, as Miss X.
LuisManuel316's avatar
Or Kukri, since he's the reason they're all in this dimension this time.

So i'm hoping for a playable female Kukri. 
TheDarkBlueNinja's avatar
"According to the story EVERY single character becomes a cute girl in that dimension."
Is that true? Source?
LuisManuel316's avatar
Yeah, all i've seen say it's a dimension controlled by Kukri and that he's the reason they're all wearing cute or sexy outfits.
heavyarms55's avatar
I love it. I want a whole pike of genderbent characters. 
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning TMF, Terry is so hot, how about sonic!!. 
ProfessM's avatar
No but you are allowed to like the outfit.

Great job.
leoryff's avatar
I'm sure this will make punching stuff much easier.   

....I think.  (I don't know Final Fight that well.)
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