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TG Comic - Timmy Turner TG

Inspired by my previous Dexter TG  and Dipper TG 

I decided to elaborate more in a comic format, compared to the gif. Hope you guys like. 

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As her parents want

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This violates Da Rulez. If Timmy becomes popular he won't need Fairy God Parents anymore, did an episode about it I believe. Art good though.

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Uhhhh... Cosmo, why did you do that to Timmy?

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like man Tammy sounds like Shaggy rogers on scooby doo now

Here the comic in a story mode Also cosmo should have left because Timmy got turned into a teenager

Timmy was always in popular and not notice one day he was feed up.”cosmo I why I’m unpopular so, how can I get people to like me”he said in depressed Tone.”maybe You don’t need to try when you can wish”cosmo said in a life lifting tone.”ya that could work”Timmy said with a glint in his eye.“cosmo I wish I was popular high schooler(just to be specific) “ Timmy said out loud. the green haired Fairy raised his wand and hit Timmy with a magic beam surrounding him in pink light. Timmys Body started to grow up to a around his moms hight.”this looks great” he said looking down. then his body felt different not more masculine but slender.”w-whats going on?”he said. then Timmy grabbed his stomach and felt pain in his lower body. His butt started growing larger and his hips widened .his waist crashed into each other giving him a hourglass figure.”m-my body it looks Iike a g-girls?!“he said in shock before returning to pain. He felt a pain in his chest then two d-cup breasts popes out from his chest before falling with a bounce. Timmys face turned a red was he liking this. His brown hair grew long and fel to his back. his cloths started to change. his underwear changed into pink panties (and with that he lost his man part and was replaced by a woman's)and a pink bra formed under her shirt to Hold her new breasts.her pants fused and became a cheer leaders skirt and her shirt became a cheerleader top.her shoes became heals with long socks. her hat practically melted and Became a pink headband,Scrunchie,and lipstick appeared and pink eye shadow to. The room around changed becoming pink lossing toys and getting magazines, make up, and celeberty posters. her closest sone Had bras, panties and dresses. As the light cleared she saw her surroundings.”c-cosmo We’re are you”she said in a worried girly voice. She grabbed her breasts.”p-p-please fix’s thi..ohh”she said. She had accidentally lifted her breasts up. sone her memory changed.she was Tina turner a 17 year old at dimsdale high, she was a peppy captain of the cheerleader,and had lots of followers(Vicky being her best friend). she stoped and looked comfused. ”like what was I asking“she said. “well It doesn’t matter i like got to go to a party tonight”she said. she walked out the door thinking her life as a hot cheer leader was awesome

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Glad to see this finally finished.

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Very doable. Meet Tiny Tummy Turner(head)

This seems like a plausible episode narrative.

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you can do a Lincoln Loud or Victor tf tg for the next one

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How does she sound like? Tara Strong's normal voice?

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I guess

Somebody mentioned Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw

SurrealRamiC368's avatar have some voice in mind?

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T h i s c o u l d ' v e b e e n a r e a l e p i s o d e

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I concur definitely could've been canon

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This is always what I wished the actual "Samantha" episode ended up being

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There are simply not enough good things I can say about this :D

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To be fair Cosmo technically fulfilled the wish
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Who needs transgender surgery if you got Fairly Odd Parents.

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Wish I could look like that

great work -- I prefer this to the gif

I can just imagine a voice similar to Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw for Timmy’s new form here, considering they’re both voiced by Tara Strong.
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