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TG Comic - The Pink Dragon Mist

This must be one of my favorite comics so far! Lumdum belongs to a race that is basically a ripoff of Granblue Fantasy - in this horned race males and females have a huge sexual dismophism, where the male is an enormous hulkling, and the female is very, very small and stacked. 

The Pink Dragon with a gender changing breath comes from a discussion on /tg/, where people were brainstorning about new types of dragons and gender swaping dungeons. I got the idea of the breath creating an amnesiac effect, so them baby dragons have their attackers forgetting what they were doing...while older and smarter dragons can turn them into accolytes throuth persuasion. 

I hope to be able to start the Interactive TG next, soom I will try to post the rules. 

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I still love coming back to this comic, such a great transformation.

Could you do more art involving these pink dragons? 😍

TheMightFenek's avatar

Maybe, I would be up to it

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That would be fun

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rip in peace dude, you are not even half let alone a quarter of the man you used to be lol


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Very well done
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Do You mind if i use the pink dragon idea for D&D??
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Not only I approve, but I would love to hear how it turned out later. Feel free to send me a note, retelling what happened on the magical realm. 

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lol, this is amazing
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I should make sone counter measures of this pink dragon mist.
TheMightFenek's avatar
She will show up again...
Kachopper9000's avatar
Oh yes please Heart 
Six-Princesses's avatar
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I think you can say so. 
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How did i miss this one!?
Neko-Lyfe777's avatar
I enjoyed seeing this thanks for sharing <3
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She's so smokin' hawt 
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Why do they all turn into absolute idiots in ur comics as soon as they turn female?
Ur comics r funny, just curious, cause I think its a lil weird that they all act like total morons when they change...
TheMightFenek's avatar
Wut? I usualy dont change the inteligence of the characters, its not my kink... Lundum there is not dumber, just with amnesia and a more "nice" outview. 
DeadOtakuGirl's avatar
Ah I c. Thank you for the reply.
Ps I really enjoy ur stuff.
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I like it. I like it a lot!
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