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Pokemon Gender Bender - Ashley - Character Sheet



I have been working in an "Rule 63 Universe" of Pokémon for quite a long time. 

Not all characters will be gender swapped (like Professor Oak, or the Rocket Trio), 

That's kind of a Character Sheet, I'm still working in some others (Misty and Brock or Maverick and Brookes), and I plan to do for almost all the main character. Not all os them will be gender swapped (like Professor Oak, or the Rocket Trio),  because I want to preserve some interactions. 

Ashley - Ashley is an only child that lived with her mother, Delia Ketchum (Ashley's father left home to go on a journey right after she was born, and never returned since. As he never registered his name in the Pokémon Trainer's list, his whereabouts are unknown.), until she left for her Pokémon journey at the age of ten. Her main goal in life, is to be the world's greatest Pokémon Master. She is very similar to her male counterparty: stubborn, incredibly brave and friendly. She also has a carefree and adventurous personality  and act very tomboyish, and Pikachu is still her best buddy. In the beginning, Ashley had a bit of an inferiority complex, as well as some form of personal pride, most likely stemming from his rivalry with Garyn Oak. As a result, she had some bad habits, such as shamelessly boasting of his own skill if she were ever on a winning streak.

Brookes(female!Brock) is like her cool big sis and menthor figure. She and Mitch(male!misty) constantly bicker with each other...and they also have a crush on each other. It's the only way Ashley knows to express her feelings, while Mitch is a secretly-kind jerk, who is not able to admit his feelings. This is obvious to everyone except them. Confront them with the obvious, and they'll deny it. When one gets clued in, they will do every thing in their power to play it off.

In my headcanon, to differentiate her from Ash, I decided give her a girly streak:  She is is easily enamored by cute Pokemon, but HER definition of "cute" is badass looking beasts, like Gyarados and Garchomp. She would go all squee next her Charizard, and would love to take a self with Mewtwo. 

PS: In my AU, Ashley will get older, I'm mostly interested in the idea because that might mean a slightly more mature take on her character, showing her growing to a great trainer and young adult. 

I will be using this evaluation as a reference:…

10 - Kanto
11 - Orange Islands
12 - Johto and Hoenn 
13 - Hoenn 
14 - At the end of  Battle Frontier
15 - Sinnoh 
16 - Unova and Kalos

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Does Ashley have a crush on Mewtwo?