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Gary TG - Gastly's Ghoulish Glee - Collab

Second page of my collab with :iconlaxex: , basically, I had the the prompt and general idea while Laxex did the story, and in exchange, I will be making a comic of each transformation. 

First one - Brock 
Brock TG - Gastly's Ghoulish Glee - Collab by TheMightFenek
Next one is Misty!
Misty TG - Gastly's Ghoulish Glee - Collab by TheMightFenek
And now for my favorite so far, Gary!
Gary TG - Gastly's Ghoulish Glee - Collab by TheMightFenek
And Ash to finish it all:
Ash TG - Gastly's Ghoulish Glee - Collab by TheMightFenek

You should really check out his story here:
Gastly's Ghoulish Glee: Part One
"Remind me again why we couldn't wait until morning? It seems like this would all be a lot easier then."
Walking at the head of his friends, Ash Ketchum cast a bright smile at the redhead a few steps behind him. "Come on, Misty. You remember what the old man said! From the sound of things all of this weird stuff only happens at night"
"That's right." With slanted eyes, Brock studied the old map he'd procured. "I doubt whatever's causing all of this trouble will show up during the day. Besides, if another Pokémon Trainer really did go to check things out, he might need our help."
Though clearly ready to offer a rebuttal, Misty released a sigh of submission. There was no way she could talk Ash out of it now, the headstrong boy's mind clearly set on investigating the series of strange events they'd heard about earlier in the day. Even with the sun fast setting overhead and the night air getting colder and colder, the boy from
Gastly's Ghoulish Glee: Part Two
"Dang it. Where is that thing?"
Stepping into another long-abandoned chamber, Gary was yet again disappointed by the lack of Pokémon within. For the past half hour, he'd combed through the entire second floor of the mansion in his quest to discover the powerful creature responsible for spiriting the townsfolk away. Yet so far he'd found nothing to even hint that the Pokémon was nearby.
With the exception of the ever-burning candles: as Brock had pointed out down in the main hall, the fact that they were all lit hinted at the presence of something sinister nearby. Every room he'd explored had been fairly well lit, as if the original owners of the home still dwelled within.
But Gary knew that wasn’t true. The Pokémon that resided here was messing with him. And that only fueled his desire to catch the crafty creature who continued evading his grasp.
The spiky haired brunette released a frustrated sigh as

I loved the way that he did the interactions between Grace and Ash. Next and final page will be up on two or three days!

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Ghastly what did I tell you about gender bending people

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he basically turned into green

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I ship ash with femgary lol
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Let me guess, you wanted Gary to look like Leaf from the pokespe manga?
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Incredibly well done and the expressions are to die for~ ❤ I think its my favorite part~^^
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The best one to me
i want bare leg's like a girl all soft and smooth and hairless!
i just long to be all feminine and oh so girly and why not!
oh my i just love tg caption's this is just what i want to happen to me please change me turn me into girlhood instatly right down to my clothing i end up wearing dresses oh my yes please now i have breast and my penis is long gone  and now i have a vagina pussy between my leg's oh my yes please but i want long flowing blonde hair!
Alphy-B-McEyeball's avatar
So.. You genderbend Pokemon characters? That's weird af!
oh my i have always wanted this to turn into a girl  i want breast and a pussy vagina  i want to be wearing dresses  skirts oh my yes please i've always wanted to be female!
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Grace is so hot! Good work!
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Fantastic work! Grace looks absolutely great here.
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It might be just me but Grace looks as lovely as Diana ^^

Awesome !!
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Oh my god grace looks so cute.
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Another very good transformation.  Very pretty coloring and art.
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so good tg transformation so good
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Please! when Gastly finds Ash please don't make him a blond us his natural hair color. Please!
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Don't tell me Gastly will find Ash cosplaying as Ashley, again, for some reason, be fooled by it, and decide to leave him alone.
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She looks very beautiful :3
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this one is the best
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Gary's change is the best so far!
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