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Avengers High - Captain America!


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Here comes the girl full of spirit, the first Avenger! Check out the Part 1 and 2 of the story!

Avengers High (Part 1) (Collab with TheMightFenek)
Peter Parker had hardly been asleep an hour before his alarm clock loudly reminded him that he'd be late for his meeting with Jameson if he didn't get up, like, now. It took every little fiber of willpower to manage such a feat, groggily dragging himself out of the qweet embrace of his cozy bed. Upon finally getting back on his feet, he couldn’t help but feel like something was off. It wasn’t his Spidey-Sense, he just couldn't shake out of his head some weird dream that he had last night...
In it, he was back in highschool and everything seemed to be normal, until he opened he peered into his locker mirror and noticed his brown hair pulled into two long pigtails tied with big red bows. Peter then looked down to find red platform shoes that increased his height by a bit, but not enough. After that, all the details became fuzzy…
‘Man, this sleep deprivation is doing things with me,’ Peter monologued internally. ‘At least I got the photos J
Avengers High (Part 2) (Collab with TheMightFenek)
Spidey leapt into the office, fully prepared to have some fun antagonizing Jameson. However, he was left reeling back in shock upon being faced with what looked to be nothing more than a standard college computer lab. Various students were simply typing away and scrambling around to work on what looked to be the school paper, only a few even bothering to acknowledge the superhero that swung in. Among these students happened to be a pretty young woman with a brown bobcut in a stylish formal jacket and tie combo. In fact, she looked kind of, it couldn't be...oh crap, she noticed him! Now she was running over towards him!
"Heya there, Spider-Man~!" the girl chirped as she walked up to Peter and forced him into a cordial shake. "Jamie Joan Jameson, head of the Daily Bugle campus paper! And, might I add, a bit of a fan. Well, actually, I think you're more of an insecure vigilante that causes just as much harm as you do help, but eh, you sell papers, so who am I to judge?" T


  • Physical Age - 17
  • Before the war she was a small sickly girl living on Brooklyn, with dreams of becoming a famous artist, even today she draws her own manga (she is a big Tezuka fan and has a similar style)
  • She used to be A size before the Super Soldier Serum. Definetly not anymore. 
  • After taking the Super Soldier Serum, she participated on shows where she was frequently the damsel kidnapped by nazis and rescued by some american soldier. Eventually she challenged her superiors and took matters on her own hands fighting on the frontlines
  • While she was frozen she became a pop culture icon, with comics, cartoons and dolls based on her (Coulson Chan is a big fan)
  • She is class president, head cheerleader and a model student in general (Toni is a bit jealous of the attention that she gets)
  • Always stays strong and positive to set an example to her allies! Brightest smile you could ever find, true cinnamon roll.
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Uuummm... hey there.

Now I don't want to discredit your work or anything, nut I have a suggestion.

I know Peter Parker was tg'd already, but what if... he didn't? What if he was the only boy in Avengers High and somehow the Parker Luck comes back to him?

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I think she should go by American Dream instead of Pin-Up Girl unless thats just Toni's nickname. XD

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That's awesome!Just look how cute she is!

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This is great, don't hear dumb criticisms

Bro, look at all these confused/ofended people... you are so popular already, congrats :')

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It's grandma! Lol, joking. Good picture! 🙂

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Is Venom is this?

Agent venom right?

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Toni-chan! Ha! I get it! That's clever!😂

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Now that's an American ass!😆

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Huh, just realized that this is a direct continuation of the Iron Man TG comic you did, with Toni saying the exact same thing (with the exact same face in the word bubble). Nice!
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Nice job! 👍 who's up next?
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an all it for me? should have!
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never in my life have i experienced an image that instantly filled me with violent, primal rage before this very moment.
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It's the subject, of the comoc!

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What makes you rage about it ? 
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female is sexy ass thicc and busty

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I really wish I didn't have to see this every time I go on the front page
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Oh man, I hate when my art go to the front page :V
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