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Ash TG 3/4 - The Hex

The Story Commission of the month is a Pokemon one by Laxex , and we will get to see the many evolutions of Ash, and his many TGs 

Skeak peak:


He was close.

A twisted smile spread across Ashley’s lips as the girl cackled, her eyes alight with desire as she lay in way for her destined lover. There was a lot to love about Alola, but the long-haired girl had come to hate how sunny it got; a creature of shadows like herself had little tolerance for such irritating light.

And that was precisely why the spooky girl dwelled within the dark alleyway, Ashley enjoying the cooler spot surrounded by so much of that harsh, skin-burning light. It certainly made her attire more bearable; the dark, turtleneck dress she wore was quite warm, and hardly suitable for the sunny region. Still, at least she had enough sense to bear her midriff, though even that was partially concealed by fishnets.

“I can feel him growing closer, Mimikyu. He’ll be here soon enough!”

A series of gurgling noises reached Ashley’s ears as her dear companion expressed her delight, the eerie ghost-type Pokémon waddling up beside Ashley as it too waited for the destined encounter. It was getting hard for Ashley to breathe, the pale, gothic girl’s smile growing almost too wide now that her time had come. Her fortune had dictated that today was the day she’d meet her soulmate, meet the one who’d fill the hole that so existed in her life.

Full story is already UP here:

Patreon Story - Gastly's ReturnGastly’s Return
“No way! I-I lost!?”
Watching her opponent rush to his dazed Passimian, the raven-haired beauty couldn’t help herself. Raising a dainty hand to her lips, Ashley released a high-pitched laugh as she looked down upon the pair of losers. “As expected, the winner was decided before the battle even began! Isn’t that right, Pikachu?”
“Pika!” Much like her owner, Pikachu too delighted in her victory as she watched the Teamwork Pokémon return to his Pokéball. Her tail whipped behind her as she got on all fours, the little electric rodent clearly eager for more as electricity shot out of her cheeks.
And her trainer was the same way. With an exaggerated flourish, Ashley pointed back at the clearly nervous trainer before her. “Now then, send out your next Pokémon! Hopefully it can give us a better fight than your previous one.”
Her opponent shook his head as he backe

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I like the story but it’s a little weird so I made my own(please don’t sue)

ashley was always known as the ghost of alola because she looked,talked,acted creepy And hanged out with ghost and dark Pokémon. so she was always avoided and she liked it but secretly she at least wanted a friend. One day wail she was sitting on a bench by the canal under her favorite tree That casted a big shadow.“aw this is the life mimikyu sitting in the shad with no one around”Ashley said. The mimikyu made some noise of agreement. just then a boy with spiky brown hair and a purple shirt walked up.“hello Mam can I sit hear or are you waiting for some one?” Asked the boy.“ um no you can“ashley said.he sat down and there was a awkward feeling to her.”so ive heard about the ghost girl of alola might that be you?” He asked.”well yes Im called that” she said.”well whats your real name”he asked.”’s.. ashley” she said with a downed look.Ashley never really liked he name it always sounded to girly for her.”well Ashley nice to met you my names Gary” he said sticking out his hand to shack. she awkwardly shock his and nervously.“I got to ask why are you alone”he asked.”well every one thinks I’m creepy and I like it that way”she said.”well I don’t think your creepy it think you pretty“he said with a smile. this made Ashley get shocked and she turned her head towards gary.”y-you don’t mean that do you?“she wondered.“no I do mean it i think you just misunderstood“he said pushing her hair out of her face.”you just want some one in you life”he said leaning in close.“ mabe your right I do need someone in my life”she said looking into his eye. gary rapped his arms her waste and grabbed he hand polling her closer. she could feel the rising tension of her breath as her breasts pressed agents his chest and garys hand on her butt smoothly. they kissed with the Missing peice of Ashleys life starting to fall into place.”how did that feel”Gary asked.”splendid i just want to keep Going and further”Ashley said head over heals for this guy. ”well let’s go back to my hotel room and continue“ he said getting up.”well ok”Ashley said getting up to. they walked off hand in hand with ashley mimikyu following behind. as they walked Ashley felt as if something in side her felt pleasure as she rested her head on Gary’s shoulder and he rapped his arm around he waist with his hand in hers.

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She looks lovely like this

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Someone's looking a bit like Luna from this year's Valentine's Day comic. ;P

On a related note, I would love to see a sequel or epilogue to that comic.

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Hope her soul mate is a lovely alolan lassie.

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Good morning, Nice!!!!!.

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she looks like a Gothic Yandere more than Hex maniac but it looks so much better

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It took me a while after Sun/Moon was released to parse that "Mimikyu" was supposed to be "mimic you", because I kept trying to parse it as a Japanese word/phrase, "mimi-kyu".

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What a lovely Hex :love:

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Man, Ash is really being put through the wringer! Good stuff!

ash is a hex girl and she will but spell on you

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