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Sponge Bob

Cover and poster illustration....i hate sponge bob:D $$$$$$$$$$$$
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hi please contact me, i would use this image for a mobile app
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pat:sponge bob shark!!!!
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i luv spongebob and wudve faved this but 1) mr. krabs looks nutin like mr. krabs and 2) spongebob looks quite possesed. no hard feelings. i j/ have a strong oppinion
themico's avatar
No hard feelings it is :)
Invader-Johnny's avatar
He's ab out to get eaten by that shark isnt he?

I J Signing Off.
PixieHobbit's avatar
I don't hate Spongebob, but I still think this is rather fun :giggle: Great work! :D
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heyy this is my mobile's wallpaper:D!! but i didn't take it from you. just found it in a web page that makes themes for mobiles. nice work! :+fav: :)
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Looks amazing :D
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TaRtOoN-Man94's avatar
I would've faved this if it weren't against Spongebob like that!
Besides, if you want to do it right,
The shark should've been an anomorphic tough guy.
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Im not against spongebob any more.....he seams to be very cool :D
TaRtOoN-Man94's avatar
Your're just saying that for an easy fave!
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spongebob come back!
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You do not like sponge bob, but you ate really great at drawing him! If you do not like sponge bob than why did you draw him?
themico's avatar
$$$ :D and thanks
TheChuChuGirLs's avatar
sponge bob said that he hates you because you hate him... :nana:...but he'll pass on this one :w00t: :blowkiss:
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wow this is awsome.
remmychihuahua's avatar
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