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ASOIAF characters

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SOmething i doing for fun :D ....more on my facebook page (sorry,to lazy to uploud them all on dev).....[link]
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These look very familiar hmm😉 I must say you are one of my favorite. I'm happy I found you so easy! I just thought the smash up of all of them was cool looking... Then I realized what I was looking at! You are a legend in the community 💜🔥 I Always look forward to what you are doing in Preston videos. Thank you for All your work and sharing it! Truly!
And I thought *I* had a good grasp on ASOIAF! You, sir, are one talented & dedicated artist. Thank you for the time and effort; the book community is much better off for it.
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This is so fantastic!  I love it!  GREAT work!
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Sweet! Love how you see these characters. Keep them coming ))
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Really amazing work. I've seen these around online and I'm glad i finally found the source. Awesome!
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Dude, I really like your versions of the ASoIaF characters! \o/
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So awesome. Love your stuff :)
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I looked through these at the ASOIAF Wiki and Damn, they are really good. I especially like your interpretations of The Smiling Knight (coolest nickname ever IMO) & Dagmer Cleftjaw.
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Incredible, man. I love your style. Who are your influences?
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Very nice. I'm listening to the audio books now... I think I can recognize most of them, but you know you should place the names, eh?
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Agreed. I've listened to the audio books several times now, and am quite a fan of whoever narrates them:)
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I have two versions of a few of the books and there are different narrators. I'm listening to A Feast for Crows now and I'm alternating between the John Lee and the Ted Stoddard reading as I'm not sure which I like better.

Roy Avers and Roy Dotrice both have read the earlier books and I have the Roy Dotrice reading of A Dance with Dragons. I think Roy Dotrice does the best Dolorous Ed. ;-)
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He does:) I personally like him the most.
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Hoooooly shiiiiit! These are so good!
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