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April 21, 2014
Those Who Play for Ghosts by ricochet188 tells a hauntingly beautiful story. The details, composition, and muted tones make this a truly impressive work of art.
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Those Who Play for Ghosts


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There are pieces written for the ones forgotten. They linger unmoving while their shriveled hearts long for the dulcet tunes of a living, breathing soul.

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afayes's avatar

This image really touched me. Thank you.

DyslexicGamer's avatar

Grandma stop touching me

CHCHcartoons's avatar

The Zombie Girl wants his autograph.

Ok, that's scary as hell, and yet, not. Assuming he's playing music to try to aid in their afterlife existance?

Trainwrekcomics's avatar
Scary, yet melancholy. 
hjkl123505's avatar
Who else thought that the boy at the piano was Draco Malfoy when they first saw this
Daphne-Brown's avatar
That was my first thought too
RavynArcadia's avatar
Think you might find this interesting. Someone wrote a little story in this picture

I didn't write it btw.
This is truly a beautiful piece as it speaks volumes and still elicits so many questions. What is his connection to the spirits about him, what is their story, what is the song that they request or songs?
Saddust's avatar
Incredible ! (yes, I know...)
Isotopic43's avatar
I really love this piece, and I can't precisely decide why. What I feel is amazing talent in its composure aside; it has an errie sense of sadness to it, as well as kindness. I'm left wondering if the young man is not at all forced to do what he does, or whether he chooses to play for those passed on.

Excellent work! :D
MoodyMaud's avatar
Wow! This is breathtaking.
UglyPotatoes1's avatar
Your art is just amazing. It tells a story, it has it's own spirit, it evokes emotions. Digital art is art too. You're a great artist. 
Gipsymoon's avatar
PiusAlien's avatar
Very good! Remainds me of Laurie Lipton drawings but with colour.
Chuchu-cheezy's avatar
So many emotions in this drawing ... It is really beautiful !!
ProtocolZero's avatar
Is this a young man who can see ghosts, or is he stuck in a place actually populated by the undead?
TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
I'm thinking a bit of both. They're everywhere, sometimes seen other times not but he has a special connection to them
YaBoiBelowAverage's avatar
*plays spooky scary skeletons*
note-princess's avatar
piano and ghosts...
just amazing....i can feel it

 Austria emote
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