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The Pillar

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There is a gargantuan open air foyer in the entrance to the Mansion and two equally monolithic pillars bearing the weight of the ceiling Looming some hundreds of feet above.

I started this in November and faffed around with it every odd day or so. 

Check out some other details and a process gif (that currently isn't there, I'll have to re upload it) over on my artstation which is where I post more often these days. :…
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Nova-of-the-EastHobbyist Traditional Artist


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amazing work!

is that sybil or a different lady; can't really tell from behind!?

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It's supposed to be, yes

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G-COStudent Traditional Artist


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stunningly beautiful
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Very good work.
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beautiful work 
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WhoChallengedTheSunHobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to see Sybil again 
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LaitmaProfessional Filmographer
Wooooowww, what an absolutely exquisite piece!!  The sense of scale to this is just terrific, incredible work as always.  <3
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MelodicChronicProfessional Traditional Artist
Fuck yeah. Gorgeous!
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Niobesnuppa Digital Artist
This is very beautiful. Amazing amount of detail.
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Jaw-dropping! The focus of lighting and scale is so much fun to look at!
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Wonderful job.
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Phenomenal!! :love:
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soulSmith1Student General Artist
This is relaxing
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kordablueHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Beautifully done! It tells such a story and I am so intrigued.
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KipineStudent Digital Artist
Wow, that's beautiful!
My eyes went to the top piece first and I thought the whole artwork would be that traditional style (which would've been really pretty too), and then I looked down and it was a very impressive surprise, the whole artwork came into life. I don't know if it was your intention, but anyhow very cool experience hah!
Also very impressive sense of space and scale. And looking at the girl painting really makes you feel calm. Wish I could be there painting those leaves too !!
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lauraypabloHobbyist Digital Artist
:wow: what an amazing artwork!!! :wow: this is absolutely gorgeous! well done! :la::heart:
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JTJRawlinsStudent Digital Artist
Pardon the language, but mate, that is fucking beautiful. Bravo sir.
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So she's defacing an archeological site?
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AncientWatersHobbyist Digital Artist

My immediate thought seeing this went to restoration. For me defacing is more like... having random graffiti letters on it

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Well, archaeologists would probably not agree, they like things to stay exactly as they were thousands of years ago. Anything but would probably count as defacing. Even so, sometimes there's artistic merit in vandalism…
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