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The Flightwood Queen

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There are rare materials in this world that carry special properties making them valuable and vulnerable to be taken advantage of. And for each there is a queen born of it and bound to defend it as though it were her own flesh and blood. The most precious of all these materials is the flighwood tree. Its wood is hard yet flexible and bears a resemblance to ivory in color and texture. Its most famous property is that it responds to the command of whomever might wield a piece of it. It can, in essence, fly, so its practical applications are endless. Even small shards of it embedded into a greater frame may allow significant lift or generate acceleration. A weapon crafted of it may hit with magnitudes more force than the wielder applies because its movement is not governed by physical influence.

Unfortunately the flightwood trees are scarce if not extinct already and even the queen hasn't enough to replace the parts she has lost over the centuries defending her flock. 

Upon awakening when the dream was created, she found herself strewn about a snowy mountainside, most of her body parts likely having been scavenged in the time she spend unconcious and defensless. It seems her tower had at some point fallen and collided with another, in the wreck the other queen's head was crushed but her body would make do as a functional but undignified replacement.
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Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist
Looks awesome! :wow: 
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The Queen of Puppets
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LaitmaProfessional Filmographer
Fascinating concept and gorgeous painting-!  
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MelodicChronicProfessional Traditional Artist
These are magnificent! Excellent painting knowledge and skill. Very well done.
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Quite impressive
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debureturnsProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing piece! The quality of the digital painting is such, that the figure looks more like a 3D model than a 2D illustration - it's only when you look deeper that you can see the brushwork. Outstanding work! :nod:
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PandoraMusicPunnyCatStudent General Artist
No! *goes on google last Wednesday* that didn’t happened!! Go away 
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HistoryGold777Professional Digital Artist
Nice work!
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GulrilProfessional Interface Designer
Holy damn this is perfect.
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LittleSweetieStudent Digital Artist
This is so cool, I love your concepts! Can't wait to see/hear more of this world.
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Mr-FizzleHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel like She and the Weighted-Iron Queen have had a couple run-in's before.
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hemlockbrownHobbyist General Artist
Nice story, too! ("Whoever", I think, here; but I'm open to correction. . .)
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Amazing work!
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