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The Alpine

Nothing too crazy here, this was my warmup for the last few weeks and I finally finished it today yay! this was an exercise in clothing design I guess and then I had to throw in an elaborate background. Burrrrr I dunno.

Edit: I surgically removed her sixth finger (how this slipped by me is beyond comprehension)
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brilliant lighting!
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This is absolutely beautiful, really truly.

I am curious as to the world she inhabits; the fantastic one, not the paralysed one. I mean it all seems very alpine and sparsely populated, but if that piece you did of Sybil and her trinkets still holds it's at least populated enough to have monsters or wildlife given the grenade launcher. Is there much world-building? Or is it more of an 'as you go' world-building type dealie?
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I've got a few ideas but nothing is really written in stone. So I guess it is "as you go". The mansion in the middle of the ocean is her main place but I assume there's mountains and valleys a ways off on land. I thought it would be neat if there were others in this world who are in a similar situation as she is and their respective areas are unique to them. Each of these people, in the real world, exist at different time periods so I could play around with themes and different styles to their fantasy lands. I'd like to flesh out an idea for a character being a japanese american during ww2 and due to some distress caused by the war and the way Japanese were treated in the states at that time she finds herself in the fantasy land and yadda yadda I don't know. Everything's up in the air really haha
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Nothin' wrong with that, I'd be a massive hypocrite if there was given my entire writing process rests on an 'as you go' philosophy. Reminds me, for whatever reason, of Aslan's Country in the later Narnia books. It's a wonderfully somber way of exploring fantasy, the fact that it seems to only occur to people in rather horrible circumstances Sweating a little.... But there's a lot there, your artwork is stunning, I look forward to however it develops, aha.
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This is stunning, I love it! 
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Awesome work. It looks almost like a photograph. Nice clothing design, too. :)
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the stick seems like what witches use to fly, only it does not have the wicker, which may have been used to disguise the device, 
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Naw it's just a floaty stick. I see the resemblance to the witch-y idea though. That's why I have her stand on it instead of sit.
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Amazing details and design!
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I… Wow. I want to meet this person/character.  What does she see?  What are her thoughts & feelings?  What's her story?
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Pretty sure I wrote this somewhere, but can't remember where, anyway to sumarise (Why can I never spell summarize right?):

Let's say, around 1979 or so, she graduates college. Whole life ahead of her. One day, she goes for a walk, crosses a street and is hit by a truck. It really messes her up. She's paralized (spelling! parilized? paralyzed? Hah! this is the only way I will learn) from the neck down. Real bummer. So years pass, many years, while her life crumbles around her. She's too depressed and miserable to try to make the best of it. Pushes family and friends away and (sucomes? *sigh* sucummes. succumes? succumbs!) to the vicious cycle of self pitying\self loathing and taking out her troubles on those who only wanted to help. A while passes as she becomes more and more despondent with each day. As she hits her absolute lowest point, nothing could get worse and nothing will get better something happens. it's like the world around her vibrates out of existence and suddenly she finds herself falling through the clouds. She's young again and wearing drab clothing. Falls falls falls all the way down into the ocean. She comes up for air, looks around and >…
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beautiful work!
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My dream girl! in the painting! that's a shame she doesn't have biological form...
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Good to see you're still painting!
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YOU'RE ALL LIKE MARRIED AND STUFF. What did you do with your last name? is it gone or did you tuck it between first and last?
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YEAH! Haha, I kept and am keeping my name! 
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