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Sybil Portrait

I've been slowly working on this since the end of last summer. It started off as a simple from-the-shoulder up portrait with a grey background but I posted it online for advice and someone did a paintover... or they like overlaid a photo ontop of her face or something but whatever they did suddenly my ok portrait looked almost like a photo. That got me motivated to basically start over and using that paintover as a target of quality I made it high res with the intention of doing it all photo-realistic like with pores and individual hairs and everything.

So I did that, then I thought I could at least give her a body, then I posed her. Then I thought "well I'm this far in, might as well go all the way" so I started on a background as well. During this whole process I never wanted to shrink the image down to add more to it, I instead just kept expanding while keeping the dpi locked. This jpg is about 15% of the actual size... it's nuts.

So I dunno

Edit: I dont' have time right this second, but I had an idea to move some things around in the bottom left which I think will make for a better picture over all... stay tuned for that i guess?
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You know, I think this looks good as it is! She has a Nancy Drew look, and all of the almost placed props around her feels like a book or game cover.

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This is so beautiful!!:+fav:

Você poderia ter algumas artes com anjinhos tipo os do Bouguerau.

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This is a wonderful take on the classic form of portraiture (the full-length form, with the subject surrounded by objects which speak to their character). Fantastic work!

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Most Excellent work! Done in the old classic style, Excellent colors too! Well done!When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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There are no words. Just perfect!

Brilliant work!

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Congratulations on your so absolutely deserved Daily Deviation!

I loved your image when I first saw it, and I love until today. So many details, I could stare for minutes. Masterfully painted! Crazy Dancing

The detail in the face is amazing. Reminds me of work by Raphael. Great!

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A lady after my very own heart. Terrific work!

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Hi can I guys check my art I’m looking for some feedback
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I feel love here :love: But seriously, how did you do the jacket?

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The mouse with the stolen olive from the old painting is the sherry on top and the little miracle here. A wonderful paintig with all the textures and lighting and details. Cannot imagine how you did it!

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Gorgeous details!
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Oh god I just noticed the mice and that one is running away with a little grape. I love him, and am rooting for him.

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You must have iron patience. I'm so happy whenever I see a new painting of yours. The amount of detail is incredible, thanks for sharing!

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Totally love the texture... did you do it point by point?

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that's what i call art, amazing

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that's a lotta detail man. fuckin amazing.
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Wow...lovely work! Heart Heart Clap 
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