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So You Have Come To Visit Me
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Published: October 29, 2014
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In the darkness she knows all. She feels every drop upon waxy leaves as though they were her own skin. She does not exist in these woods as some have mistaken, she is a part of them. This place, as in all places not a quiver nor shiver goes unnoticed. So she whispers this time, not with a command but with a query. With a hushed tone, inaudible to any listening ear. In the mist of night a thing had changed that even she could not foresee. And it left its mark of soiled earth and caustic leaves.
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Comments (151)
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I'm happy I found your art you magnificent human!
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Brelloyd4|Hobbyist General Artist
this is beautiful.
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I almost thought this was a photo for a moment.

Amazing work! <3 
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wow! For me you are one of the best. Do you use foto to paint over it? do you have video of your process?
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LPSloonyart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You mean to say photo, not foto. I do not know for certain, but they probably just paint it (most likely digitally). They might use references though. I certainly do.
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artdirectormike11|Professional Digital Artist
Nice work! Environmental effects, foreground focal blur, lighting, all wrapped up with floating feet. Sweet! Storytelling with one visual that makes me want to know more. Awesome job!
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MScoutcookie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy Cow!!!!
The detail and The waterdroplets!!
There so pretty and AWESOME!!!
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I absolutly love it!!! It has life in it! the Lightning, the angle... everything is amazing!!
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LliaOlsen|Hobbyist General Artist
well shet, you just made my life - inexhaustibly complete. :D
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This is basically one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen in my life.
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DrawnM0nster| Digital Artist
Amazing artwork! Composition, colours, details...
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nice narrative
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JoePingleton's avatar
Disturbingly awesome
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sandcastler's avatar
Fantastic use of depth of field!  The raindrops on the leaves look so realistic! Fantastic job on her legs & feet!!
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Laugh-Butts|Professional Digital Artist
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Wow... Incredible... Image has effect, magistral job.
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LmAnt|Student Digital Artist
This is breathtaking ( imagine 36ooo viewers who stopped breathing in front of your art... and think of all the families who therefore lost someone they loved :D )
But seriously, your painting is beyond criticism anyway and together with the poem this work is an amazingly intense experience to look at and wander through.
And.... is it only me who sees some creature creeping below her feet? Something orange-white shaded... like a snake or something?
Or did your power of imagination just cheered on mine? :)
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Yeah it's nothing just wanted to throw in some color in the leaves
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LmAnt|Student Digital Artist
okay :)
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Naundeeey|Student Digital Artist
You make me just want to either stop doing art forever or doing art 24/7 just to become as good as you...
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this is insane skill
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You're ridiculously talented. I love it. 
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Tenchi8|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi again, I'm back to take a moment to study this  pic. ^^

This image together with the written poem there, shares an interesting story.
In my personal interpretation of it, I am reminded of a mental battle. This evil entity
floats above the forest, with a sense of being around for as long as the earth had been around.
In the midst of the forest stood a vibrant sprout, of red leaves, which subtly stood out amid the dead trees.
The red little tree, represents life that had been produced after it took root from it's foundation.
The query, "So you have come to visit me?" Prompted me to want to say, "I came to confront you. and declare,
that I will not wither and die like the rest of the trees in this forest. I will stand my ground, and thrive."
The evil entity is not rooted like the red tree, but floats about like a specter that roams about, seeking to devour,
rob, and perhaps even destroy anything that is vibrant. It gives me the notion of something being "a foot" something
is going on in the atmosphere that does not sit right. The floating woman's legs is like a fleeting image that one could barely
get a full view. Discerning eyes are like that. Barely seeing, but knowing she is there, even sensing, that she is in the midst of the

Well that pretty much concludes my interpretation. Hope you enjoyed the read. ^^
It took me a good moment to really study this image and think about it. This is a pretty deep image
that was very well executed. Nicely done. :)
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