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One Remembers

We might have wandered forever and as it seems, forever may yet await us. This place is as patient as it is infinite and it can wait, it is willing to let us try. Let us hold on until we choose not to because in time, no-one remembers.


(I'm not a writer :p )


I had the opening bit of the Macbeth soundtrack on loop while painting this…

Also I've been learning the violin for the past 6 months or so. It's fun but dang man, it's tough going.
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Cool as a concept- As an illustration, not a big fan of the reuse of figures and assets throughout the piece- it cheapens it. Hope you've been having luck with that violin. I too have been learning a new skill in my off time (manual clutch) and it's not easy as a adult with job and family to find time. 
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This is awesome omfg 
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This is amazing
also huge file
I really love it! Made it my desktop background.
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This is very very interesting, just wowClap 
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Man these guys look so nice, really interesting. Kinda reminds me of venetian carnival masks but based on nature. Also great atmosphere. Love it!
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Nice work. Reminds me of Steven Eriksens "The Malazan Chronicles" and how it should have ended. Beautifully painted.
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Nice work! Good luck with learning the violin!
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