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He Does Not Sleep
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Published: July 13, 2014
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“The days are regimented here and though you should expect him to leave me in the tundra if I were to fall behind, you could say I am well fed and energized, so do not worry. Even though deer meat is all he provides in the way of foodstuffs, I’ve relied on my rations of tin vegetables and and have taken up the hobby of fishing to satisfy a varied diet.

We hunt most hours of the day, he kills the animals leaving me to fix them to sleds and drag the carcasses, sometimes many miles at a time back to the cave where he does not permit me to enter. I’ve been used as little more than a pack mule in these trips but from what I understand he brings me along to observe. It is difficult discerning him as he does not speak, or chooses not to, and he refrains from physical conversation beyond simple gestures when it pleases him. He engages in other activities on a mysterious schedule and he seems to make good use of any time I am away or the rare chance I may be caught sleeping. I’ve stepped outside for only minutes and returned to find a fully skinned and gutted carcass splayed upon the table with its spine removed and ground into sludge. He was sitting in his chair.

He acts like a shadow, choosing to move about the walls rather than cross the open floor. If I don’t watch him closely it is easy to lose track of him, even in this confined cabin space. During the nights (if one can call them as such, they are little more than dim evenings here) he sits across from the bed, facing the snuffed out fireplace, barely visible cloaked in his dark and oiled wraps. Comfortable sleep has become a luxury, on more than one occasion I have awoke to find he had rotated to face me, his gaunt statuesque form with long fingers clutching the ends of the arm rests. I suppose it goes without saying that he does not make for good company.

I have yet to fully understand what we are doing here, I do hope it is revealed soon. As things are though, I may be here for some time.

- M”

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P-E-A-N-U-T-S's avatar
P-E-A-N-U-T-SProfessional Artist
I must assume the continuation of Afternoon Rituals? Please tell us more! Your work, both written and visually artistic are astounding!
zacharyknox222's avatar
zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i love it!
zacharyknox222's avatar
zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i like it!
lesserknowncallsign's avatar
lesserknowncallsignHobbyist General Artist
I love how cinematic your work is. It's so much more dynamic and interesting to look at. 
BlackVulmea's avatar
BlackVulmeaHobbyist Photographer
Hard to believe this ends well.
ODastein's avatar
Wow! Impressive and very creative story. And illustration. 
Dani3lmatui's avatar
Dani3lmatuiStudent Traditional Artist
I wish I could favorite this twice
SpiritOnTheWater's avatar
SpiritOnTheWaterStudent Digital Artist
love the lighting!!
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
I posted before I had read of his agelessness, and now reassert that he is, fundamentally, a Renaissance Gentleman at heart, as he ever has been.
Oh, the tales he could tell her, the wonders he has seen...
...if only he had not forgotten how to speak.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
A friendly Wight? Or a very much alive, jaded (and lonely) mountain man who has been through more then a few hard knocks? That he hasn't forced himself on her suggests he either IS dead, alive but a gentleman of moral standing in his heart of hearts, or that the frostbite that ravaged him (the Occam's razor explanation) left him too impotent to care.
Triphon's avatar
You saw this fascinating and wonderful art and the first thing you thought about was "why doesn't he rape her"? Is everything all right in your head?
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
This is part of a series on "The Arrow Maker" that I saw out of order, and without yet knowing the other clues about him, my first impressions was contemplating what her most fundamental worries must be to be taken in by a very strange man. Her notes show a cautious hope for the best, but I still sensed the deeper wariness underlying her concerns at this point.
At any rate, based on the other clues in the series, I now believe him to be an impeccably chivalrous gentleman at heart, and a kindly old grandfatherly figure, if ravaged by some form of dementia.
SureTina's avatar
This tells an amazing story!
Lemiken7's avatar
Lemiken7Professional General Artist
A creepy, but intriguing tale! 
KenninRaptor's avatar
KenninRaptorStudent Digital Artist
Your tiny stories are almost as amazing as your artwork, I'm disturbed and enchanted at the same time!
DatLoon's avatar
DatLoon Traditional Artist
I have a huge AU story about characters I love and plan to make my own story in the future.
I always struggled to make comments-little chapters to my pictures because I thought that's language barrier (stays still as high wall on my way), my own young writing skills and lack of professional skill will ruin whole idea and it will look as much edgy and unnatural as my inner critic sees it.
Your piece, your mix of art and story, looking into it makes me want to try it again, to return to my ideas and to make a first step.

...Well, you can not read previous words, I just wanted to say that's your art is very inspiring and even little pieces we get from you - they create whole new world with it's own stories, tragedies and adventures. Thank you for that artistic inspiring, it's very rare and unique quality, usually looking at professionals delivers for low artists anxiety at minimum, if not worse.
Thank you for your art.
DementedPirate's avatar
DementedPirateProfessional Digital Artist
Would love to read more about this <3
Awesome art and awesome writing!
TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
It's a mysteeerrryyyy!
NonieR's avatar
This combination of picture and story is still the most intriguing thing I've seen on DeviantArt.
mecha-phor's avatar
That is some incredible artwork there; very atmospheric and so detailed, love it1
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