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Construct a Shield from Thine Own Flesh
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Published: November 6, 2013
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Carefully choosing every word, every phrase, from countless sources, he built himself a script. And in merging this tome with the other in just such a way, he created a powerful hybrid of of ancient charm and modern conjuration. This, if all goes accordingly, will keep him safe, he thought.

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I have a modern / cyberpunk / fantasy setting that I role-play in with a group of friends. i saw this picture and knew immediately that it was something that could happen in that world.... we already had a character that had taken holy words as tattoos to help fend off evil spirits and give her strength against demons and the undead. Cool to see it actually in the process so to speak. Awesome work.
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Chimp-oHobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of memeneto
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If you ever read the story about the monk who lost his ears, then this poor bastard has a problem. That monk had a friend write the defensive sutras for him and only forgot the ears by carelessness, but this man has only himself to do the writing. If he is lucky enough to be ambidextrous, then he can shave his head and use a mirror to get most of his head and face, but, ultimately, his back will remain vulnerable. They will try to pull his spine out!
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I love the tiny things here. Shadows, ink, hairs, swelling of the skin. But most of them all - the focus on his face. This is a man of his work. Steady and precise, word after word. Its a good piece of art. Very good.
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"The painted man"
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ColorfulmoongatoHobbyist Digital Artist
So he's definitely the little boy they tried to take right? But I'm a bit confused with the story, did they succeed in taking him from his mother and "raised" him to adulthood as a "prisoner"? or has he just been evading their grasp his whole life and is just now finding a means of protection from it?

Or did his mother succeed in keeping him from them and then he grew into being just out of reach of them?
Or am I just crazy and interpreting everything wrong. lol

Gorgeous art by the way. 
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I completely understand the writing, it needs a certain despair as in going over a mess and wanting to make it worthwhile, hoping to keep what really seemed important at the time, clinging on to that faith. a movie rolls and your voiceover flowes freely. if only you can recall, if only...
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Jester-of-the-ClownStudent Traditional Artist
Dude, it's a magical spell-tattoo

Want me to link to you to the creator's comments confirming that notion?
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I... I don't know what any of that means...
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yayaartpop Photographer
great !
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JWA2277Hobbyist General Artist
Magnificent image.... Bad magic. this does not work... its been tried.

I heard a story of a man who had a demon tattooed to his body.
He said it would protect his skin.... and he was right.
When he was blown to kingdom Come by an IED, the patch of skin with the  tattoo, was not even scratched. 
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AmberArt212Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder what will happen afterward and how the story continues ^^
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I'm working on it. I'd like to turn this into a story some day. Right now it's just a series of ideas that are loosely connected.
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FearTheBedHobbyist General Artist
that's like...everything I ever imagine...ever.. but it makes beautiful art!
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He should have drawn the Helm of Awe

The Helm of Awe

I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.
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BashlykmonstaStudent Traditional Artist
This is really great work. I very enjoy by your works by the professional and depressive performance and by catching scripts connected each other. And only first look of your works give me inspiration and desire to create. I followed from your early pictures till now and one more time realised how man can get high with  desire to work.I also have desire, but all my life I do only line work and simple work with shadows and color(usually I using color pencils). It very difficult to teach how to draw, but I can't construct my question another way: 

How correctly choosing a color if i not want picture what look like a child's coloring book?
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Unfortunately that question is too big for me to answer. To vague. And I am not a good teacher! :(

You just have to keep studying. Just keep looking at the world around you and learn how it all fits together bit by bit. I'm not big on relying on references, I think it dulls your imagination. What I've always done is simply take mental notes as I go about my day. I'd look up at the sky and try to figure out exactly what shade of bluish green the sky was. How saturated is it? How bright? Not only that but you have to take into consideration the contrast of all the colors you see.
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BashlykmonstaStudent Traditional Artist
Maybe you not a teacher of fine art, but I seriously relate to your answer. As I understand I'm do not must relate to art like to math and demand correct formula how to draw. I may take it easy and show some артисты and perseverance. Very appreciate your response. Your fabulous artist and great guy...and not so bad teacher
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IdaLarsenArtProfessional Digital Artist
Gorgeus work, love the concept too :D :clap: :+favlove:
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bloedzuigerbloedStudent General Artist
Amazingly drawn soapy water.
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ScrathedHobbyist General Artist
Thats so cool, man :D
I love the story behind this *^*
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PinkuhProfessional Digital Artist
My only critique on this comes not nessiarily from an art standpoint, but from a tattooists standpoint XD

DO NOT SOAK YOUR FRESH TATTOOS... it will seep the ink out (then it will loose it's magical properties... as well you risk getting infections @_@)
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CommanderEVEProfessional General Artist
I guess that is one way of getting rid of ones tattoos if they decide to have second thoughts. 
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If only he had known. What an amateur.
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