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Be Still

This is an edit of this:… . There were a number of issues that had been bothering me since I finished it a few years ago but at the time I didn't know how to fix them.
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I have seen this work for a long time and could not find an author to say thanks. Now I found it. Thanks!
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Just extraordinary!
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In the year 3000 ad, the singularity was no more. It had broken into two factions, one that worshipped the organic and one the machine. And they fought for eons. Within all this turmoil, two individuals from each found love but neither factions can accept such a union. One can try to kill love, but not a techno-organic one.
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Great lighting. Intriguing. Utterly captivating.
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I know there was a picture after this one; one with the girl standing over another dead person; asking the black specter "What about this one?", but I for the life of me can not find it right now >:(
What does it mean?
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I want to know too 
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I will never ever tire from looking at this picture! Excellent! <3
Ok, my brains just exploded, beautiful!
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Your work is super creepy and awesome. I hope you don't mind that I linked to this image in my #wattpad SFF novel, for the header of Chapter 2.10, because it's fitting for this scene in the "Adulthood Exam" that the protagonist is undergoing.
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I've always preferred exoskeleton-based electromechanical androids to machine phase matter post-singularity robots. The latter are fascinating but fees too alien to me, while old-school humanoid machines have individuality. 
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I really enjoy this illustration! It's so fresh and new, and speaks volumes to my own creative development.
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Saw this on pinterest a while back. It's been one of my favorite inspirations ever since. I really enjoy it.
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Any chance this version will be available as a canvas print?
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If you want though you can always just download the full size and take it to a print shop
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It is now... I think?
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That's awesome!
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That black creature is really awesome.
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Insanely awesome!
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This is great! i'm a lot worse than you are but i heard once that you should put some more saturation to your focal points to attract the eye more to them, maybe you could try it on day.
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this is great in many ways
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This is one of my favourite pieces of art. 
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Whoa. This is amazing.
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