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Afternoon Rituals

Y'all like rocks?
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Excellent artwork!
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The pebbles on the beach are beautiful and this work touches upon the symbolism of The Maiden and Death. I like it very much.

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I don't know what's up with that picture, but I can't get it out of my head since the first time I saw it a few years ago. Maybe it's my fantasy running wild. Anyway, love it!

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I definately don't see her living very long in that cold looking enviroment, even if she wasn't completely soaked.  It looks very cold there and that little fire and those rags she's wearing won't help her.  Somehow sexy and tragic/scary at the same time.  I like it! 

I mean, at that point, she may as well be naked for all the difference it would make.

What is going on in the art?

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Your textures and lighting and the attention to detail are museum quality. Quasi photographic. Astounding work! Perhaps some day you'll share the amazing story this piece hides with us mortals? He seems even caring. Protective. Did he just save her? Cheers!
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Is it weird that I feel shivers down my spine?
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Amazing art design. Great work :)
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I think the rocks are really well done,and help to ground the composition.
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This is so amazing, absolutely love it. 
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this is amazing
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I would love to know what the hell is going on. I feel like there is a weird story here.
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What a gentleman he’s closing his eyes when he turns to her
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Wow! Those rocks must have been tormenting to do.
Creative, how did you come up with this?
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I don't know It was just a simple moment I'd thought of with some characters. Creepy guy is fishing, she is washing up.
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Have you conjured more to this story? I sense an entire book in that one image!
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Phenomenal piece. Extremely natural in scene and lighting.
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I love the lighting in this. So natural and compelling.
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This looks like this leads into a bigger story. 
Is there a story tied to this by chance?  
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