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rEFIt Icon Design - Mac, Windows, Ubuntu



so I have a mac laptop, but I need windows and like opensource from time to time, whats a guy to do? enter rEFIt it's a clean little bootloader that also has a few utility uses as well but lacks a bit in the design department. Turns out you can customize it pretty easily with some icon files and by removing most of the extra UI stuff by their config file (which is very well labeled fyi). Long story short I made some icons for windows and mac since it's standard, and for ubuntu since that's most likely the flavor of linux I'm going to use and also because I hate using an animal as a logo/icon (even though I love penguins, they shouldn't be logos) I didn't make any for the other ones (yet) but I would if you asked nice, since I would like to contribute more to the opensource community (especially with design) but I think someone would have to care first. Anyways if it looks useful to you feel free to use it. Stay awesome - Mike
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