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June 6, 2008
Poor Pluto by ~TheMhpe. Says lassurdoinpersona "The expressions are just priceless, and I like how he has been careful to the details on each planet to make everyone distinguish them."
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Poor Pluto

With Earth as the leader, the planets of the Solar System has turned against poor Pluto excluding him from their group of planets.

This image is build upon recent events in which Pluto has been degraded to a "dwarf planet". It is now no longer part of the classic lines of planets. It's strange when you've been able to memorize the planets ever since you were a kid, and for the future will have to leave this poor little icy rock out. :(

I liked doing a smaller project for a change. I had this simple idea, and worked on/off for about a week on completing this image. I had great fun stuffing as many little funny details into the image as I could, and I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed making it!

Visit to see more of my artwork.

High quality prints of "Poor Pluto" are now available for purchase at! Also available as a T-shirt.
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A89iksm's avatar

Pluto was a planet, but in 2006 the IAU change Pluto's status in august, Pluto is now a dwarf planet.

nana57n's avatar
Bad Jupiter Waaaah! CURSE YOU! :shifty: 
Juanilla's avatar
so NICE!!!!!!!!
JBRonel's avatar
That's messed up... but details are gorgeous as hell 
johnVanVliet's avatar
I like it
pluto never really fit as a planet

on the bright side Ceres is now a Minor body and not a asteroid
TastyRainbow-Boy's avatar
That´s planet mobbing xD
Unage-Jragon-00's avatar
There should have been moons telling Pluto, "Chill, you can say that you are the solar systems moon and you are the biggest moon to boot BAM WHAT!
Imdraproc's avatar
Great work on making all the planets distinct. Their glares look accusatory, more than anything else.
Well, at least Pluto will have Charon around to comfort him and prepare some hot space-chocolate.
hamedShayegh's avatar
someday-soon63's avatar
Omg so sad poor Pluto indeed!
need a 1080 and 4k version for background
Spynmaster's avatar
This definitely looks like a Pixar movie. If they ever call you, get yourself some legal help so they don't steal your idea.
What did you use for doing this?
Seems like a pixar :D
Pendraia's avatar
Love it...great concept! Would make a great poster discussing bullying in schools.
RaeSeddon2's avatar
Ditto to the title' Poor Pluto .Tears Tears 
NuMetalWolf's avatar
And the Earth is a fucking hypocrite. She has no right to talk bad about Pluto, she's just full of shit.
NuMetalWolf's avatar
FUCK The other planets, Pluto is STILL a planet to me! o3o
Deal with it. pokemon gif squirtle
rocketman732's avatar
I found this back in High School and I loved it.
SweetDrops128's avatar
galaxyredstar's avatar
poor pluto D:
and once again its a planet 
PepperedSoda's avatar
And once again for 50,000,000th time pluto becomes a planet.
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