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Jeena-Vil The Altered SW Universe Application

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Name: Jeena-Vil

Species: Amaran

Age: 27 years old


1. Sharp Senses 

2. Quick Scoper 

3.Sword fighter

4.  Expert Melee and unarmed combat

5. Quick Reflexes

Personality: Jeena can be serious but sweet, she is more open to talking with strangers, she can turn aggressive however she will imply self-defense and harm or possibly kill her aggressor, very sly, and can be assertive too. 

Backstory: Jeena-Vil, born in the year 29 BBY of the Galaxy System 195, to parents to Mr. Ravick-Vil and Njin-Vil on the planet Vulpter among her two sisters who were older than her and ventured on their own to become independent and have their life going, however as Jeena grew up, she had to learn most of what she learned from her parents and the very little of what she watched off to have a gist of how to survive, even so, she would’ve gotten some lessons from sensei’s teaching their ways of surviving.

But she would’ve found roadblocks along the way such as other Amaran’s taking advantage of her or bullying her, even her tutor would say to find valor to get over such roadblocks, even so, the tutor would call the others for misbehaving but didn’t intervene as much since he felt Jeena needed the courage to face and confront them.

Through the years Jeena had a tough time to face the roadblock that came across her and even got bullied and even still felt she didn’t good enough, she would’ve come to parts of sparing her bullies with staff’s to prove battle stance and strength, however, in most cases, Jeena ended up in ties or loosing, there were times Jeena felt like giving up but she persisted on finding ways to power through the challenges to get through the toughest parts that opposed her.

Years passed on as Jeena had bad luck on getting everything together and even finding a mate for her, she felt hopeless until an unknown Freighter arrived to her planet, Jeena felt unease since she heard so many rumors of the imperials been everywhere and she feared that some of them found her home planet but for her relief she saw a single human coming out and saying he was just staying around to re-supplies stock and to stay one night before taking off again, Jeena curious went to check what was happening but sadly her bullies were there to make the experience be sour, she would growl and fight back against them, making an awful display in front of Terik as he clearly didn’t like this, even some other villagers folks stopped them as Jeena was left on shame and awkward moments, Terik would even suggest if he would like to go with him to get away from all this, but Jeena refused while frowning as she persisted to find a way to fight against her bullies, Terik did not continue to find a way to solve this, regardless she felt this may not go as she hoped to.

As the night arrived she would’ve gone with the same issues and discussions, even after that she would be left hurt and mentally wounded, her mentor would even say that she would have to find a better result of getting other experiences by being off her planet and perhaps go with Terik, Jeena refused again as she said believed that the only way to solve this conflict would be on confronting them still.

However her mentor would argue that it wouldn’t be a proper answer for it and insisted to go with Terik, she falls silent and told her mentor she was gonna think about it as she would sleep in her place.

As the next day arrived Jeena would slowly stood up while thinking as she would hear Terik taking his departure, in a stroke of her gut feeling, she bolted off her place while seeing the ship ready to take off as she screamed and waved around the front view of the ship as her heart beat anxious, she thought it was late as the ship engine was still going and ready to leave but for her luck the engine shut went down as the shit land on the ground, Jeena looked at her menor as he nodded as she went to where the door slowly opened as terik went to check what was happening, after the small bridge would be placed down as his door opened up as Terik in a neutral face looked at her while she went to him and asked him if she could go with her, Terik added that if she wanted to, she would’ve have to get used to see violence since Terik’s was a bounty hunter, but she shook her head not caring for it and saying that she wants to experience something new on her life, Terik didn’t put much of an argument as he would let Jeena go with him as she went in the freighter.

Afterward, Jeena would then go off with Terik on his ventures to be out there doing dirty work, she even got extra training from him and other weapons she never touched or used but over time she became better at battling and firing weapons, even afterward Terik got some decent aparéala for her as Jeena became attached to Terik, becoming his sidekick and becoming the best mercenaries duo.


Jeena likes to sleep a lot or slack when she is off duty with Terik

Jeena loves mostly fish, flesh, vegetables, and fruits.

She always is excited about any type of adventure that Terik takes her to.


App made for the :iconthealtereduniverse:…

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She is an awesome fighter and lady. B-)

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You're welcome, dude. ^^

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oh whoaa!! this looks awesome!!

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Imagine this sweet character being badass at long range combat and sword wielding ^^

Sweet, bro

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funny thing is, she is

also thanks a bunch bro

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SWEET indeed ~

No probs, man ^^

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awesome work
i really like how this sniper looks ^^
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always my pleasure ^^
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