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Metallic Shades 2.11

A smooth metallic visual style with a choice of four colours (blue, green, purple, red), three font sizes (normal, large, extra large) and four modes (standard, no user picture, compact, extra compact).


Inspiration for this theme came from Windows Whister, Windows Blackcomb Previews, Sosumi, Apple OSX and, of course, Luna.


Credit goes to Darkone for the creation of the ThemeXP visual style upon which the start panel is based and also to Matthew McClintock and KoL for the BeOS icons used in the shellstyle.

For full details please see the readme.


To install simply run the executable.

The visual style can be uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs.


Visit the Metallic Shades 2 thread at Neowin for discussion and further details of updates and fixes.

© 2003 - 2021 themenorth
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If only I had discovered this in 2003. Great VS!
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It's the best and the most elaborated visual style, just great!
Thanks :-)
I've always liked Metallic Shades. I'd used it a few years ago and I stopped using it because of issues with the software I was using at the time. Now I find it again here and it's still very nice. I like the very simple themes. I don't want dragons or black borders or crazy colors or transparencies. I'm using Windows XP, not Vista, not a Mac. This theme just fits the rest of the system.

Great job.
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Cool, looks nice, might give it a go. :)
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Cool, loks nice, might give it a go.
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Hey I'm using this, great job!
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Still one of the best vs around. A classic!
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mmmmmh sweet. finally a theme worth using. good job!
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hm, I've tried to install this twice and at the end the theme won't shot up,not even when I click on the VS icon under the themes folder etc. Any idea what might be wrong?

anyways looks like a very nice theme :D
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Still love it. This is a definite must-have style.
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Very nice, restrained and professional. I can see elements from each of the sources you mentioned, and they are masterfully integrated.
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Ok i just read your description and you say the different skins.

But all it looks like you've done is colourized, what have you actually made yourself ?
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Im seeying other skins in this, especially theme xp's skin in your start menu there and i know the image from the title bar i just can't think of it.
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Wonderful update - thank you themenorth and Matthew McClintock for allowing the shellstyle with his amazing icons :) (Smile)
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nice and simple.
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Looks great! Good job.. :) (Smile)
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